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  1. Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder - Alcohol Rehab Guide
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Bipolar I Disorder is a very intense state of the illness. A mixed state of mind often occurs in this type of disorder with intense feelings of euphoria or excitement. Only this stage of happiness deteriorates as it is followed by extreme sadness and a bountiful sense of depression. Bipolar I is typified by mania, a state where affected individuals may not be able to accurately interpret and understand the world around them.


Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder - Alcohol Rehab Guide

This disorder similarly causes elevated moods of joy, but never reach the high mania stages like Bipolar I Disorder. Since depression is associated with the disease more often than not, Bipolar II Disorder is frequently misdiagnosed as depression. NOS is a little harder to diagnose due to its sporadic patterns of feelings and behaviors. These patterns do not fit into specific labels of the illness, lacking a more efficient way to classify a similar disorder. Cyclothymia simply put, is a mild form of bipolar disorder. It still carries frequent up and down feelings but provides a more stable balance in feeling normal between these minor disruptive feelings.

Gender-Flipping on TV: What’s Gained When a Male Character Is Reimagined as Female

Rapid cycling can make you feel out of control as if your feelings are twisting and turning on a never-ending roller coaster. This type of bipolar disorder is known for spiraling excessive episodes, followed by stabilized feelings for some time until the cycle starts up again. Studies have shown that people with bipolar disorder have a 60 percent chance of developing a drinking problem at some point in their lives.

Alcohol is known to intensify bipolar disorder due to its sedating effects. It acts similarly to some medications, risking feelings of depression with each swig of alcohol. Alcohol also greatly increases the severity of mania, which many who suffer from bipolar find extremely pleasurable. Although, alcohol can increase the negative effects of bipolar disorder in either direction, flaming the fire with each sip.

Drinking on bipolar medication can turn one drink into several, especially drinking on an empty stomach. Alcohol can also destabilize bipolar disorder, giving up your control of emotions to an empty glass. Regardless of the blurred nights and the draining hangovers leading to mixed intensified feelings once the alcohol leaves the body, many bipolar individuals still choose to drink.

For some, the relaxed feelings and the heightened mania far outweigh the negative effect alcohol has on the mood. The higher the high alcohol would bring, the lower the low a bipolar individuals mood would project onto daily life, yet for some it is all worth it. Alcohol eases the anxiety between the crazy feelings and the ups and downs bipolar disorder brings about.

Additionally, many with bipolar disorder find that the side effects of most medications are so extreme that they would rather self-medicate and deal with the consequences.

Although alcohol can provide relief from bipolar disorder, it also endangers an individual with the illness, intensifying the effects of the disorder and increasing risks over time. It is not recommended to drink when you suffer from bipolar disorder, as uncomfortable and unwanted episodes can occur from any amount you may drink. Take your life back by getting started in a treatment program today. However, it is almost always better to treat the dual diagnosis at the same time rather than have the untreated illness bring back symptoms of the one that received treatment.

Although there is little research to treat both these disorders simultaneously, therapy is a key success factor for any disorder. Learning to deal with bipolar disorder the right way can influence smarter choices such as the choice to remain abstinent from alcohol.

Addiction: A Family Disease

Many of those suffering from bipolar disorder turn to alcohol to suppress the symptoms the disorder comes with. Medicine can be prescribed to reduce the uncontrollable state experienced, reducing the motivation to drink alcohol as a coping mechanism. Additionally, many bipolar medications react very negatively with alcohol, causing effects such as intense hangovers and vomiting. Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction to alcohol and bipolar disorder?

Many inpatient and outpatient programs help deal with both disorders, ideally eliminating the cravings for alcohol and stabilizing bipolar disorder. Contact a treatment specialist today for free advice on treatment plans and options for dealing with this co-morbid disorder. BP Hope. Rapid Cycling and its Treatment. Types of Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder. Healthy Place.

Best Man Speech Ideas

Bipolar Disorder and Drinking. Medical News Today. Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism. The Mighty. The alternative syntax for control structures is supported with switches. For more information, see Alternative syntax for control structures. Edit Report a Bug. This is listed in the documentation above, but it's a bit tucked away between the paragraphs.

The difference between a series of if statements and the switch statement is that the expression you're comparing with, is evaluated only once in a switch statement.

How Our Helpline Works

There's no need to preemptively save the result in a variable either. The answer to the eternal question " what is faster? Just a trick I have picked up: If you need to evaluate several variables to find the first one with an actual value, TRUE for instance.

Capricorn Best Match for Love - Top 5 Signs

You can do it this was. There is probably a better way but it has worked out well for me. Just in case that may help anyone who may run into that problem. Remember, that you also could use functions in a switch. Be careful if distinguishing between NULL and int 0. Something not mentioned in the documentation itself, and only touched on momentarily in these notes, is that the default: case need not be the last clause in the switch.

Listing it explicitly aids comprehension. As follow-up to ben dot lancaster at holler dot co dot uk's post: 'continue' ends the switch, not the case, just as it would with any other flow control. In the case of a for loop, this would cause the iteration clause to execute, and if applicable, the loop to begin again. However, switches do not loop, which is why as noted above, in the manual! Something fairly simple and maybe obvious that I didn't see mentioned is that the default case WILL be executed even if the switched variable does not exist or is undefined.

In reply to earlier comment, "switch"- I found this to be one of the best ways to interpret 'actions'. This is a highly stripped version of the class. On that note, the beauty in this class really shines in the simple redirect. Be very careful when you're using text strings as cases. If the variable supplied to switch is an integer, the cases would be converted to integer before the comparison is made usually to zero. The following snippet prints "hello".

Be careful if you have mixed types of values in the switch statement. It's easy to abuse the switch syntax to do some very useful things. So, in this case, we can perform an assignment and match the result of that assignment, because the return value of an assignment is the data that was assigned and not the value of the variable it was assigned to, as you might expect.

So far, this is not actually amazing, even if it is a bit unintuitive.

Where this becomes more interesting is where, in PHP, you have language constructs that behave like functions but are used like statements. You also can't get around this limit on calling functions from the case line by using variable functions, because they are used in the same way as functions. But imagine what you could do with other language constructs, like eval or include! Not sure if this has been posted or not, but I found the switch statement useful for finding ranges of data.

This script creates web 2. The switch statement saves from writing spaghetti code if statements. If you want to avoid numeric compare for numeric strings in switch statement, try prepending something non-numeric.