Guide Simplified Estate Accounting: A Guide for Executors, Trustees, and Attorneys

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How the Process Works in Lombard

  1. We've broken down this seemingly daunting task into 7 steps
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Request a copy of the final account. Advise any superannuation fund. Accommodation If the deceased person was renting then you will need to advise the landlord if they were renting privately , or Housing SA if they were renting public housing.

You will need to advise the insurance company if a property becomes vacant. Australian Taxation Office It may be necessary to lodge a date of death tax return. Contact your tax agent or Public Trustee for more information and advice. Contact Service SA to find out how to do this. Cyber Assets You may also need to consider dealing with any cyber assets such as websites, email account or Facebook accounts owned by the deceased person.

What to do when someone dies What if there is no Will? If the surviving account holder is a signatory to the joint account s , then the account s can be closed by the surviving signatory. The companies that manage these accounts will require a survivorship application to be completed. Contact all telephone, electricity, gas and other utility providers to advise of the death of the deceased person. No action is required as the change in ownership of the property will be noted once the death has been registered with the Lands Titles Office. If the Medicare Card is in joint names then contact your nearest Medicare Office to advise them of the death of the deceased person.

We've broken down this seemingly daunting task into 7 steps

Contact SA Ambulance if the deceased person had ambulance cover to advise them of the death. It is always a good idea to have a Living Will in place, not just for the time of death, but for emergency situations, such as car accidents, strokes and heart attacks. You keep a signed copy of your Living Will at the offices of Freeman and St.

Clair as well as a copy with your important documents at home. This is a document that names someone you trust to take over your affairs if you become too sick to manage them yourself. You can name a durable power of attorney for health care as the person who can make medical decisions for you, and your financial power of attorney for money matters.

The financial person can handle matters such as writing checks for your bills, filling out your tax returns, depositing Social Security checks, and so forth. If you own real estate in joint tenancy with someone else, that property goes to that person when you die.

Estate Planning|San Diego Estate and Business Planning Attorney

Insurance policies goes to the beneficiary named in the policy. Arizona also has special rules about the inheriting and taxing of retirement accounts, such as IRAs and ks. Clair attorney may advise you to create a trust. Clair two times for a simple will. During your first meeting, you will discuss what you want to be included in your will. During your second appointment, you will be signing the will in front of witnesses provided by the firm. The vast majority of married couples create and execute their wills at the same time.

Probate Court is a legal process to collect and then transfer property.

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It is a three-step process that can take a year or more. The first step is appointing an executor; the second is collecting and transferring assets to the estate, and the third is closing the estate. Small estates do not have to go through probate court and use a simplified process instead. A trust is a legal arrangement for the transfer of property and assets. Many people benefit from having a lawyer make up both a will and a trust for their estate as a way to save money on taxes, protect the estate from certain creditors, avoid probate court proceedings, and pass their assets more quickly to their heirs.

A trust allows you to specify how and when your property gets passed to your heirs. A well-designed trust can pay for itself in the long run. A trust allows you to put all your assets into one place and to appoint a trustee in charge of it.

Talk to a Probate attorney.

Usually the initial trustee is the person who made the trust. Think of a trust as putting everything you own into one suitcase. It simplifies the estate process. An estate plan can include both a will and a trust. Not everyone needs to make a trust arrangement, but most people need a will. A revocable or living trust lets you control the assets in your trust during your lifetime but names a successor to manage the trust after your death.

An irrevocable trust does not allow you to change the terms once you establish it.

Lombard Probate Lawyer

It has certain advantages over a revocable trust by reducing estate taxes. With a marital trust, the trust goes to the surviving spouse. An irrevocable life insurance trust excludes life insurance benefits from the taxable estate. A generation-skipping trust allows the assets in the trust to go to your grandchildren or even later generations without having to pay estate taxes after the deaths of your children. A charitable trust allows some of your estate to go to a charity, and the rest to your heirs.

A charitable remainder trust lets you take a steady stream of income from your trust but leaves the rest to charity. You can set up special needs trusts for a disabled beneficiary. As you can see, it can be complicated to decide which trust is best for you and your family. The experienced attorneys at Freeman and St. Clair can explain the various options available to you and help you with this important decision. FREE Consultation. Estate Planning. Planning for the Future.