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An example, of Google Lens ability to return information, is shown below as it identifies the breed of a dog. Take a look at how Google Lens works in a number of different ways and how accurate the results can be. Snapchat have also made use of visual search by partnering with Amazon. Users point their camera at a product and hold the screen until an Amazon product card pops up.


pinterest party | Revolution of Love

This takes the user to the product results on Amazon indicated in the image below. As such, this makes it a visual search tool for both Snapchat and Amazon. Through their app customers click on the camera icon which prompts them to take a photo or upload one. After a photo has been submitted search results are provided for similar products to the photo.

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The process is shown in the photo below and results shown are highly accurate. This tool is extremely useful for ASOS and its customers as it drastically narrows down your choices. Target incorporated Pinterest Lens into their app through a partnership with the visual search giant. This allows customers to search for items by taking or uploading a photo to the Target app.

Visual search will not only benefit the consumer, but also e-commerce in particular fashion and homeware. This arises because retailers have too many options to choose and scrolling endlessly through the items, which results in consumers abandoning their shopping. Visual search solves this issue by narrowing down results instantly making it more user friendly. Therefore, visual search makes purchasing much easier as it saves consumers time and removes irrelevant items.

Furthermore, visual search will provide retailers the opportunity to cross-sell. This involves other items that feature in the image being suggested to the consumer. This might tempt consumers to purchase these items, which will increase their overall spend on the site. Rather, visual search will work in tandem with text-based search to effectively provide results related to the image. Therefore, text-based searches will continue to be important. Although major players have made great strides in visual search, there is still a lot to do.

As the technology continues to advance, it is likely that the popularity of visual search will increase, which will improve the accuracy and efficiency of search results.

Why Advertisers Must Prepare for the Visual Search Revolution of Tomorrow

As more people search visually, machine learning and neural network will become better at identifying similarities in photos, thus providing better results. In fact, the popularity of visual search on Pinterest has already increased in the space of a year. Below are our top tips to optimise for visual search. It is extremely important that you optimise your images now before visual search properly takes off in order to take advantage of its benefits, otherwise not optimising your images now will hinder your business when visual search becomes the norm.

If you require help with optimising your product images, then contact us today at MintTwist to find out more about how we can help you achieve meaningful results. By Caitlin Brogan on 27th June By Caitlin Brogan on 5th June How can you plan for the many different shoppers so that you can be prepared to convert them to customers at any time?

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  7. By Caitlin Brogan on 29th May By Caitlin Brogan on 9th May By Caitlin Brogan on 16th April Craft, DIY and home stores can please this massive demographic of younger shoppers by taking inspiration from Pinterest to retail. Millennials are crafty. And yet, the stores selling the crafts are, in many cases, antiquated. Some millennials even compare the current DIY shopping experience to the s or s. Pinterest is sleek, modern and clear-cut. Their biggest change, though, is their commitment to new concept shops, starting with their Columbus, Ohio opening in June.

    What is Pinterest?

    Blanched in modern white with accents of gray and their branded lime green, the shop is modern and almost minimalistic — right on trend with the millennial minimalism preference. Above all, consumers look to Pinterest to retail for inspiration. Pinterest to retail is as educational as it is inspirational. Say someone comes in with a plan to create some trendy jewelry.

    Why the image hype

    Further inspire them with a jewelry box to house their new designs. Or go even further. Consider creating a dedicated Pinterest Spot similar to a store-within-a-store that constantly evolves to showcase leading Pinterest trends. According to their August insight, Pinterest noted that searches for sunflower field pictures were up by 1, percent from July. Put together brushes, yellow paint and canvases with sunflower designs, and let consumers create these wall decorations themselves. You can even anticipate popular holiday projects — you have the opportunity to create an enticing display of lights, decorations, costumes and snacks, making more than a haphazard section of orange and black products for Halloween.

    Become the must-see source of inspiration and empowerment. The real edge that permanent stores have over e-commerce is the opportunity for activity. They can even rent supplies like sewing machines to get the job done. In line with their infatuation with social media, the younger generations especially Gen Z want to see more technology in retail. This simple addition makes the shopping experience more convenient and efficient — and less stressful. It also creates an oasis for staff to interact with shoppers and knowledgably answer their questions. But more than that, tech especially data can be a way to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds — bridging Pinterest with brick and mortar to the benefit of both channels.

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