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Lady Berkeley was left abandoned at the castle, with only her baby daughter for company. A Redcap, more properly known as a powrie or dunter, is a sinister elemental of British folklore, a fanged, goblin-like being, fleet of foot and having a need for human blood. Robin Redcap promised Lord Soulis that he would not be harmed by forged steel or ever be bound by rope.

Freed from fear of retribution, it is said that De Soulis terrorized the Scottish countryside without opposition, taking men, women, or children at will. Eventually the people rebelled against him and went to the king, who agreed he could be disposed of. Binding Soulis with a specially forged chain which his supernaturally endowed powers could not overcome, they took him up to Nine Stane Rigg, a stone circle crowning a nearby hill top, wrapped him in lead and boiled him to death in a brass cauldron.

Muncaster Castle, situated near Ravenglass in Cumbria, is believed to be haunted by at least four different ghosts. The other two ghosts appear to be tethered together into one tragedy, one being the victim, while the other being quite deserving of death. Ferdinand Pennington, who was the lord of Muncaster Castle back in the 16 th century, had a daughter named Helwise.

Helwise was in a romantic relationship with a carpenter from town, to the dismay of her father. Lord Pennington did not want to see his daughter in love with a commoner, so he summoned his Jester, Thomas Skelton, and asked him to find a way to end the relationship. Unfortunately Tom the Fool was deranged. Every day Tom would sit underneath his favourite chestnut tree by the road and if any wayfarers came upon him asking for directions, he would direct them to nearby quicksand rather to the London Road which they would be seeking.

Tom found the carpenter in town and offered for him to come up to the castle.

In Search of Britain's Haunted Castles

It was extended and built over a year period by the Williams family when it was purchased in by Sir William Williams, who was then a speaker in the House of Commons. Many mystery ghosts have been spotted at Bodelwyddan Castle in north Wales. In , during one of the periods of restoration, it was noted in the diary of Sir John Hay Williams that human bones of a very tall man were found near one of the chimneys. Sir John also stated that he had the bones built back into the wall, which means they are still there to this day.

The most haunted city in Europe?

Could this be the cause of the paranormal activity at Bodelwyddan Castle? There have been many ghostly happenings reported over the past few years. Many people report the sense that somebody is following them. Shadowy figures and disembodied legs have been seen stalking the corridors and then disappearing through the walls. There have been unexplained voices, flickering lights, and unusual sounds in the cellar. A few ghosts have been spotted including a Blue Lady who has often been seen wandering through the kitchen rattling plates and pans, a mysterious woman in a flowing dress in the Sculpture Gallery as well as a World War I soldier in one of the galleries Bodelwyddan Castle was used as an officers mess and a recuperation centre during the First World War.

The interesting thing about this haunted castle is that its history does not hold tragedy or violence, yet it seems to be extremely haunted. Full apparitions of spirits have been seen, but we have no clues to who they are and why they still remain. The ruins of Tutbury are home to many different ghosts, but there are two popular ones.

Dover Castle - England's Most Haunted Castle?

Another famous ghost at Tutbury is the spirit of Mary, Queen of Scots. When it was pointed out that curator does not have a white gown, and neither do any other Elizabethan enactors who work at the Castle, the men were profoundly disturbed by this sighting — a particularly important sighting as there were so many who saw her. She was also seen rapidly crossing the grass, one hot afternoon in , by a serving Marine.

Lately there have been a number of sightings of Mary — especially between A figure, dressed in black, is seen standing at the window of the Great Hall as cars leave the Castle. In May and June this year she was not only seen by senior members of staff, who are usually quite dismissive of such reports, she was also seen by archaeologists participating in a seasonal dig at the castle. Tamworth Castle, with its well preserved multi-angled keep, has stood high on a mound overlooking the River Tame since the late 12th century. Over the centuries the castle was passed from one powerful family to the next and was visited by many Kings and Queens.

In Search of Britain's Haunted Castles by Marc Alexander

It narrowly escaped being destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in The nuns were said to have been expelled from their Convent by Robert de Marmion. Just before she vanished the spectre hit the Baron on the side with the point of her crosier. The White Lady was said to have been kidnapped and imprisoned in the tower by the wicked knight, Sir Tarquin. Despite this she fell deeply in love with her abductor. However, a Sir Lancelot du Lac was determined to rescue her. When he arrived at the castle he drew his sword and slew Sir Tarquin in front of her eyes. The White Lady was so distraught that she threw herself from the battlements.

Más libros de Paul Abrahams & Marc Alexander

Her ghost has often been seen walking the battlements and her mournful cries heard. There have been a few other ghostly encounters. Late one night a member of staff was alone in the castle. She was waiting in the reception area while an engineer was outside checking the alarm system. She was startled to hear footsteps and furniture moving in the room above. The staff member knew that nobody could be in that room. Although she had experienced odd things before, this time she was overcome with fear and ran out of the building, where she met the alarm engineer.

He told her that he had seen a strange figure looking down at him from one of the windows. Another member of staff was working in the Tamworth Story room when she felt as if someone had thrown sand into her eyes. At the same time her colleague saw a blue mist swirl around the room.

A member of the public had an almost identical experience just outside a room known as the Haunted Bedroom. He felt as though somebody had thrown something in his eyes and then rush past him. Warwick Castle, which proudly displays more than 1, pieces of arms and armour in the Great Hall, possesses an extensive history spanning more than 1, years. Following the War of the Roses, a peaceful existence began at the castle. Moreover, it served as the home to the mighty Earls of Warwick. At the time, the place had been unoccupied for 14 years and was in a ruinous condition.

He was later raised to the peerage as Baron Brooke, and then appointed Commissioner of the Treasury. Seven years later, thoughts of his own mortality led Greville to draw up a will. He had never married and had no children, so he decided to make slight provision for his servant, Ralph Haywood. Haywood was not impressed with the paltry bequest and, in a fit of rage, stabbed his master while helping him dress at his house in London.

He was brought back to Warwick Castle, and his tomb can still be seen in nearby St. Here witnesses have reported catching fleeting glimpses of his sad shade haunting the Watergate tower, staring at them from the dark corners, or feeling his presence at the place where he once composed such prophetic lines as:. Only certain parts of the castle are open to visitors, and only during the day, so you may not get to see any of the famous ghosts even if they make an appearance, but you never know!

If that is not enough, the Windsor Castle ghosts are probably more numerous and have a higher pedigree than spectres to be found in any other haunted building in England. In sheer numbers, they even out-do the many Tower of London ghosts. But then there are 10 monarchs buried at Windsor Castle, so maybe it is not too surprising. Windsor Castle was constructed by William the Conqueror and it is one of the largest castles as well as the oldest continuously occupied castle in the world.

Apparently she glides through the library wall into a locked up room and also on occasions her presence is felt or perhaps her footsteps heard in other areas of the castle. On the castle grounds in one of the sentries from the Coldstream Guards was on patrol in the East Terrace when he saw a group of men. Naturally he challenged them but he received no answer and he opened fire only to see his bullets passed straight through them!

Apparently he then charged the group but they just disappeared. The most famous ghost associated with Windsor Castle may be found in the depths of Windsor Forest. Eventually, Herne made a complete recovery and as the King had promised him, he was made head huntsman. Sadly however he was soon dismissed from his post because he appeared to have lost all his skills and in a deep depression he hanged himself from the branch of an oak tree in Windsor Forest. It sits on two small islands in a lake, and has survived for 1, years. The castle has a very tranquil feel to it with its gardens and fairy-tale setting, but it does have a dark side for some of its occupants.

This is strange, given the fact that many years ago a woman was sitting by a window when she saw the dog disappearing into a wall.

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The woman went to investigate the creature when the window by which she had been sitting suddenly collapsed, the masonry landing on the spot where she had been just moments before. Perhaps the hound was leftover from some ancient spell cast by this formidable lady, and has lingered around the property ever since. Berry Pomeroy Castle, a once mighty fortress, today is now no more than a ruin. It used to be the stronghold of the powerful de Pomeroy family, who came over during the Norman Conquest, and was constructed towards the end of the 13th century by Henry de Pomeroy.

His predecessor Ralf de Pomeroy had been given the land as a reward for his loyalty during the Norman invasion and at the Battle of Hastings. It was Edward who commissioned the building of a manor house within the Norman castle and thus created the mixed architectural styles which can be seen today. Edward unfortunately made many enemies and was eventually executed in the Tower of London in AD.

Nicknamed the Gorbals Vampire , the rumour still persists to this day. A highwayman who was allegedly murdered and pinned to a tree has been seen stalking around his murder scene, a phantom of an old woman also haunts the town and lastly a schoolmaster who hung himself has been seen patrolling the grounds of fields. The poet Longfellow aptly described the ghost stories and hauntings at Chillingham in the 19th-century.

Today the castle is a popular place for film and television studios due to its ornate, and mysterious exterior, weddings have also been held here, and any old Tom, Dick or Harry can stay a night in the coach rooms. Highgate Cemetery is a London institution. Rumours of occult meetings, Satanists and witches gathering in the cemetery have persisted for years. Called the most haunted mansion in Britain due to the ghost stories that stretch over years, it was unfortunately destroyed by a fire in However, even after the fire, there have been reports of disturbances at either the local parish and dotted around the village of Borley, much to the chagrin of the locals.

Be careful though, the apparitions around the grounds like to throw stones at prospective ghost hunters…. The prices are quoted in GBP.

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