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Use 'collateral damage' in a Sentence

  1. The Real Meaning of ‘Collateral Damage’
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Under pressure from artists, agents, online PR and internet trolls, and inundated with new music, festival organisers must stay true to their principles and curate events that people can believe in, says Mat Schulz. Films on experimental music need to nuance the relationship between sound and image in order to communicate emotion and provide a true cinematic rendering of their subjects, says Stewart Morgan.

Composers who use crowdsourcing tools to generate musical material might be pushing technological boundaries, but this model of creative sharing is an illusion — and one that reinforces, rather than breaks down, hierarchies.

LEVV - Collateral Damage (Tritonal Remix) [Lyric Video]

A new generation of field recordists is challenging the myth of the invisible figure with a microphone in work that celebrates presence rather than absence. Neil Young's Pono player is the latest entry in a debate over the fidelity of digital sound which simplifies the relationship between the medium of music and its experiential message.

By Philip Brophy. By Tony Herrington. Newly released recordings of experimental music from the s say more about our own time than the moment of their creation, argues David Grubbs.

The Real Meaning of ‘Collateral Damage’

As the Topic label prepares to put its vast archive online, Alex Neilson sees unexpected connections between folk music's pluralist roots and the new routes promised by digital culture. As recording formats become obsolete, sound archivists are rethinking the paradigms around methods of preserving our audio heritage. By Will Prentice of the British Library. Jazz is radical music, so why is it funded by big business? It was widely quoted as an example of insensitive doublespeak because of the underlying callous assumption that a killing called by another name is not a killing.

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It gained greater notoriety when the US terrorist Timothy McVeigh used it to brush aside the death of 19 young children by his bomb on April 19, in Oklahoma City in which adults were also killed. Use 'collateral damage' in a Sentence The public was horrified to hear of the large number of civilian casualties, but military brass understood that collateral damage was unavoidable in a large-scale action like the recent bombing campaign.

Our squad suffered a lot of collateral damage from the bomb that went off and it even put some of them in critical condition. There may be some collateral damage from a decision you make but you just have to keep looking forward and trust you did what was right. Show More Examples.

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