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Lien : 98,5 FM. Too much exposure, especially in boys, may stunt social development. Tech-free activities for real-life interaction to improve language skills. Lien : Alerte. Lien : Screen-Time Action Network. Lien : Magazine Science et pseudo-sciences. Lien : Johannes Fromm, Game studies, May Alarmed by the proliferation of false content online, state lawmakers around the country are pushing schools to put more emphasis on teaching students how to tell fact from fiction.

Lawmakers in several states have introduced or passed bills calling on public school systems to do more to teach media literacy skills that they say are critical to democracy. The effort has been bipartisan but has received little attention despite successful legislation in Washington state, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Mexico. By the time the average U. TV guide study included. Lien : Cybercollege. Lien : Sabrina Sarfaraz, 2 December Lien : TV Ontario. Daniel Chandler. Lien : Mother Jones. Lien : International Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Lien : Alexandre Taillefer. When the depositories were opened to the public in May Minnesota and February Guildford , approximately 35 million pages of once-secret internal documents were available for public review. Since the settlement in , the number of pages of tobacco industry documents available for public review has nearly doubled because 1 the Minnesota settlement mandated that all of defendants' previously unproduced documents in any US civil smoking and health litigation during the following 10 years be placed into the Minnesota depository13 and 2 the MSA required the settling tobacco defendants to place oversized and electronic media into the Minnesota depository.

The Minnesota depository currently houses approximately 60 million pages, and the Guildford depository, approximately 6 to 7 million pages. The Minnesota settlement has also made publicly available approximately 20, other media materials audiotapes, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, slides, maps, oversized paper materials, microfilm, and external storage devices such as hard drives. Before the Minnesota litigation, US tobacco companies had produced only a relatively small number of documents during several decades of litigation, and BAT had never produced a single document in a smoking and health action.

The average consumer checks his or her smartphone times a day, making more than 2, swipes and touches. Lien : Neil Postman, Sens critique. Lien : EIP. Explication de Dre Marie-Anne Sergerie, psychologue. Lien : Voir. The End of Empathy? Empathy is declining, but is it dead? Sara Konrath. Fox News. Lien : Fr3 Roussillon. Lien : Areq secteur Nicolet. How much government casinos rely on problem gamblers?

So who here is the real addict? Are provincial governments in Canada actually preying on gamblers?

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Lien : Radio-Canada, 5 juin In the early s, it was online shopping and eBay. In the mids, it was social media. I saw phases over the years, but gaming was consistent throughout. Lien : Poly se souvient. Lien : Polysesouvient. Lien : Nathalie Petrowski, La Presse.

Lien : Vosges matin. Lien : Atelier Bleu M'ajjjiiik. Media violence and the American public: Scientific facts versus media misinformation. Julie Bindel. Lien : SRC 26 minutes. Lien : Teaching for change. I cover this information in much greater depth in my book On Killing, which highlights that these operant conditioning tactics are used with our soldiers and police officers within strict safeguards of discipline.

Cited as one of the most influential military tomes of the last 20 years, On Killing received a glowing review in the New York Times and has been translated into many languages. Lien : CEM. Lien : ConsoGlobe. The Coalition was formed following a working session of anti-violence groups hosted by the Commission in January Recently, the Coalition announced the introduction of a telephone number for people to register complaints about violence in specific programs.

Lien : CRTC archives Lien : Michel Desmurget. Lien : Areq, secteur Nicolet. In , the average kid spent nearly 45 hours per week with media, compared with 17 hours with parents and 30 hours in school. Lien : Collectif droits des femmes. Making Ads That Whisper to the Brain. Probably More Than You Think.

It's not surprising; the prevalence of violence in this world is traumatic for adults! Lien : Parents. Lien : CMCH. Lien : L'aut' journal. Lien : La philo pour enfants. Source de profit en expansion, la pornographie sur Internet est facilement accessible. Comment transforme-t-elle les comportements des adolescents?

Lien : Richard Poulin, Les Cahiers dynamiques. En classe, certains enfants sont plus attentifs et plus disponibles. Lien : Canadian Journal of Communication Lien : Pascale Santi, Le Monde. Lien : La Gazette de la Mauricie. Lien : NPR. Lien : Influencia. Lien : Tandfondline. Lien : The conversation. Lien : Presse canadienne. Could smartphones and other screens be decreasing the human attention span? Author Adam Alter thinks so. Une interview du journaliste Chris Hedges.

Lawrence University Canton, NY. Lien : Le Point. Lien : Alpes du Sud. Lien : Magazine Savoir, 28 mars Google, Twitter and Facebook workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves from the internet. Lien : Les pieds dans le Paf. Lien : Framapad. Reportage de 52m. Lien : St-Philbert-de-Bouaine. Lien : Les affaires. Docteur en Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication. Lien : Oouest France. Excess screen time leads to autism-like traits, including poorer quality friendships and fewer social skills. Lien : Tradfem. The Vietnam war.

Lien : Sciences humaines. Lien : Pascal Bini. Lien : Text-Up. Lien : Pourquoi docteur? Lien : Nouvousils. Lien : Reporterre. Lien : CS3R.

Weniger glotzen, mehr erleben. June February Linda Pagani. Philippe Bihouix et Karine Mauvilly. Lien : Seuil. Lien : France Bleu Armorique. Effects of auditory stimuli and their absence on adult hippocampal neurogenesis. What researchers discovered was profound. When exposed to two hours of silence every day, the mice developed new cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with memory, emotion and learning. Their brains actually grew. Lien : Plos One. March Lessons From Columbine. Published in Nordicom Newsletter, December Lien : CNN, April I witnessed a terrorist attack in Charlottesville.

Then the conspiracy theories began. And we all need to continue to speak out and act, both against white supremacy and the culture of conspiracy that has taken root in our country. Bernard Stiegler et Serge Tisseron. Over the long term, limiting screen time brings substantial benefits.

Lien : Douglas Gentile, Scientific American. Ou bien a-t-il rendu le cerveau esclave?


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Avoid this vision risk. Looking at a screen too long may lead to computer vision syndrome. There are many reasons to restrict the amount of time you spend in front of an electronic screen. More hours sitting at a computer or smartphone means fewer hours of being physically active, and looking at a computer screen at night can make it difficult to fall asleep. Now there's another reason to curb screen time. Lien : Health Harvard. Lien : Malades du web 2. Playing action video games can actually harm your brain.

April edition of the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research describes experiments in which college students performed tasks requiring focus, attention, and novel problem-solving skills. Some were asked to leave their smartphones in another room. Others were allowed to keep them where they usually do such as in their pocket or purse. A third group was asked to set their phones on the desk next to them. Performance on the tasks varied depending on the location of the smartphone. Scores were highest when the smartphone was in the next room.

Scores were lowest when the phone was on the desk. The effect of the smartphone was not altered by having the phone powered off or placed face down. Lien : Harvard Health Publications. Press release in English about Report published in January It was published by Oxford University Press in It is regarded as a good introduction to Social informatics.

The cursive comeback is championed by a mix of educators, researchers, parents and politicians who lament the loss of linked-letter writing and cite studies that learning cursive engages the brain more deeply, improves fine motor dexterity and gives children a better idea of how words work in combination. Lien : Transition Voice. Est-ce vraiment possible? Millennial generation. Lien : Global Media Journal. Corporations want to make sure that laborers never again have the power to tell big business how to treat them.

Lien : AlterNet. Lien : Boris Cyrulnik, Nousvousils. Nest Founder. Hard to argue. Fadell, who founded the smart thermostat company Nest in and who was instrumental in the creation of both the iPod and later the iPhone as a senior vice president at Apple, has done more to shape digital technology than many of his peers. Lien : Yes Magazine. Lien : Pierre Garnier. Neuroimaging research shows excessive screen time damages the brain. Lien : Mukinza. Lien : Le Monde diplomatique. Jean-Michel Blanquier. Half of all children aged four don't know their own name - but two thirds of three-year-olds can recognise the McDonald's golden arches.

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Jonathan Freedland investigates the multi-million-pound industry intent on turning teenagers and toddlers alike into avaricious consumers. Food related diseases. Thanks to The Free Radical. Peaceful solutions: Learning from what works and adapting to a changing world. The Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development has become a major meeting point for global dialogue on peace progress.

Dans un nouvel ouvrage, Albert Bandura renouvelle ce champ de recherches. Moral Disengagement addresses how otherwise good people can do cruel things. They do so through selective disengagement of moral self-sanctions from inhumane conduct. At the behavior locus, worthy ends are used to sanctify harmful means by social and moral justification.

Lien : 9m56s video. Lettre au ministre canadien de l'Agriculture et de l'Agroalimentaire. Bernard Stiegler, Flammarion Un temps qui est pris sur celui du sommeil. Si oui quelles sont les solutions? Lien : FCSQ. Screentime and the rise of mental disorders in children. Lien : Dr Victoria L. Alors qui va concurrencer Usain Bolt? Lien : Le Journal du pays Yonnais. Lien : Eduscol. Serviranno a rivoluzionare una didattica stanca? Ad essere aggiornati con le tecnologie? Lien : S. Lien : La Voix du Nord.

Lien : France Bleu. Research shows that fright reactions to media can often be intense and long-lasting, involving sleep problems, emotional disturbances, and long-term changes in attitudes and behavior. These effects are explained through processes of conditioning, stimulus generalization, alterations in risk perception, evolutionary considerations, and the neurophysiology of fear memories.

Lien : Zero Hedge. Lien : Cugand. Google, Apple, Facebook et Amazon. Brutal computer games destroy compassion. GwG asked European parents to avoid killer games as gifts for children. Psychotherapists demanded the prohibition of games in which young people are rewarded for the killing and torture of human beings. Lien : Sud-Ouest. Lien : Nature. Adorons ces jeux qui rendent addicts. The global video game industry has shot past Hollywood to become the fourth biggest entertainment market in the world, behind gambling, reading and TV. Lien : BusinessTech, May Lien : Mur des insoumis.

When very small children get hooked on tablets and smartphones, says Dr. Time to put your students at work so can understand how catching people's attention and increasing screen-time have become lucrative businesses. La parole, le sport, l'art, le jeu, la philosophie Lien : Yapaka. Lien : Council on Communications and Media Blog. This teenage girl helped save a boat carrying fellow refugees and later became an Olympic swimmer in Rio.

Lien : Independent. Erin McNeil connects the dots between addictive tech, data collection, and personalized marketing to kids. The commercialization of childhood is hurting our planet.

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Twenge and W. Keith Campbell show that narcissism has increased as quickly as obesity has since the s. Even our egos are getting fat. Higher Levels of Depression and Thoughts of Suicide. Higher Levels of Homelessness. Higher Levels of Cynicism and Skepticism. Lien : 1. Lien : MSMQ. Today, we see the fruits of the military-industrial complex: ever advancing technology, a massive defense budget, pet projects like the F Joint Strike Fighter that seem to grow in cost day by day. We see a public and a government that has become used to using military force, whether drone strikes, special operations raids, air strikes, or even ground operations.

Beginning in March and continuing through May, presentations will be organized in twelve high schools that have agreed to join in this educational adventure. Comment comprendre ce trouble? Lien : Nouvel-Obs. Lien : Sisyphe. Lien : Jocelyn Girard. Bernard-Michel Boissier. Groupe scolaire Maurice-Docagne. Lien : AC-Grenoble. De nombreux professeurs s'en plaignent. Country profiles. Including health behaviours: physical activity and sedentary behaviour. More and more young adults are now realizing that the digital lifestyle they grew up in has, in fact, not met the promises of greater connections.

Honest conversations reveal they feel more unfulfilled and lonelier as a result of the forced superficial, judgmental, overly dependent and artificial connections of social media and the digital socialization experience. Lien : The Program. Lien : colpi. Addicted to Your Phone? Science Has Good News. The neuroscience of expectations has good news, answers, and a solution.

Lien : Agence France-Presse. Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we interviewed 64 mothers of children ages 3 to 5 years. All the participating mothers indicated that their young children engaged in some form of nagging. While overall media use was not associated with nagging, one's familiarity with commercial television characters was significantly associated with overall and specific types of nagging.

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Ten strategies were offered as ways to deal with children's nagging; these fell on two continua from child- to parent-controlled and reactive to proactive strategies. Lien : Michel Desmurget, Ouest-France. Alain Deneault, docteur en philosophie, en est l'auteur. Lien : David Goudreault. Not figuratively, but literally addicted. Lien : Ouest-France 4 mars Lien : Brian Lynch. Propagande de guerre. Lien : Ricochet. Lien : Market wired.

Ils sensibiliseront les jeunes aux risques du net. Il communique et interagit via les blogs, les tchats, les forums. Public Service Announcement: Those classic G. Joe internet videos are now in HD. Lien : A. Lien : Truth Dig. You're running a political campaign in What tactics do you use to either take advantage of AI propaganda techniques or circumvent their use against you? The company is owned and controlled by conservative and alt-right interests that are also deeply entwined in the Trump administration.

Lien : Scout. Edupax est fier partenaire de la campagne Telle est notre mission. Pursuing truth and transparency in US food system. Lien : ONF. Simon Sinek was interviewed on Millennials and said something startling. It is addictive. The same chemical, dopamine, is released in us when we hear the ping of social media. In that same period, guns claimed 1. Inspiring Solutions. Conference was organised by Dawson College to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the shooting that happened in their institution.

Conference was held September October 1st, Sommes-nous les bailleurs de fonds de la haine? Aydin C. Lien : MSN. Les nouvelles technologies de communication n'ont pas que des effets positifs. Un chiffre qui double chez les jeunes de ans. Subjects read a vignette describing the context by means of a stereotypical type government democratic vs. Results showed that subjects base their judgements strongly on the context in which human rights are embedded.

A stereotypically positive government is used to account for human rights respect and a stereotypically negative national character is used to account for human rights violations. Results are discussed in terms of social representations and attribution theory. Two studies examined if stereotypes about fat people affect the perception of psychotherapists. The first looked at whether the processing of information about people of different sizes by all psychotherapists was affected by whether the information presented was congruent or incongruent with prevailing stereotypes. Psychotherapists were found to make more errors in processing information about fat people than thin people, regardless of stereotype congruence of the information.

The second compared two groups, general practitioners and eating disorder specialists, regarding their ability to process information relative to size. Psychotherapists were found to make less errors overall if they specialised in eating disorders. University students were asked to list and evaluate stereotypical characteristics of several universities, including the one they belonged to. Before listing tasks, half the students answered a questionnaire reminding them of links between self and their own university High GI.

The other half answered a questionnaire which did not remind them of such links Low GI. As a result, Low GI students listed more negative characteristics for their own university and evaluated them more critically than High GI students. Low GI students viewed other universities more favourably. The results were discussed in terms of social identity theory. Tenebrio molitor adults and larvae learned position discriminations.

After training they were either kept at room temperature or refrigerated for intervals of 1 to 5 days before receiving a test of retention. Both adults and larvae showed typical forgetting during warm retention intervals. Cold facilitated retention at all intervals for larvae and most adults. However, cold adults refrigerated for 2 days showed little retention. These results suggest adult beetles have a 2-stage memory system in which consolidation is vulnerable to disruption after 2 days in the cold. A second experiment demonstrated that adult beetles retain maze learning acquired as larvae.

Forty grain beetles were used to test the effects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields ELFMF on T-maze learning. Statistical analyses suggested learning but did not demonstrate either an interaction effect or a main effect of ELFMF exposure on learning. This latter finding is not in accordance with other animal research. Possible explanations for this and reasons e. Using an experimental analysis of behavior approach, we examined the effects of a compound light and heat stimulus on locomotor behavior in a runway. A trial started with illumination of a watt flood light, and was completed when the subject ran Compared to an operant baseline, all three subjects maintained low starting latencies and run times.

Under extinction conditions, where a running response did not terminate the aversive stimuli, all subjects eventually failed to make a running response. These results show that the running behavior of the grain beetle can be controlled by operant contingencies. Tenebrio molitor larvae demonstrated the ability to learn a complex maze over a seven-day training period. The mean number of blind alley errors decreased from Retention of learning through metamorphosis was demonstrated in this species.

Neurochemical events associated with learning and localization of brain function in insects will be discussed. Experiments were carried out to compare subjects' capacity to use vestibular signals during passive whole-body rotations, respectively for coding rotation magnitude and for updating the internal representation of a memorized visual target position after the rotation. These results suggest different central processes for determining changes of body orientation in darkness and for coding a target position with respect to the body after rotations.

I will report a series of experiments that compared Absolute Pitch possessors and non-possessors in two categorical perception tasks: classification and discrimination of tones. Whereas AP possessors' labelling ability helps them to retain pitch information in long-term memory, the labelling may interfere with their ability to discriminate tones, by replacing sensory memory codes with verbal labels in a "many-to-one" mapping. Previous research on this topic has yielded contradictory results. Differences between categorical perception in speech and musical pitch are discussed, and differences between the underlying cognitive codes used by APers and non-APers are also discussed.

Difference thresholds for fine surface-texture discrimination were measured at the index-finger tip and the thenar eminence. The difference threshold values at the finger tip 2. It was evident that more mechanoreceptors took part in the discrimination tasks at the thenar eminence than at the finger tip because the stimulated area was much larger on the thenar eminence than on the finger tip. Therefore it was reasoned that the more mechanoreceptors stimulated the more sensitive was the touch sensation.

This raises the question of their functional effectiveness. One way to clarify the functional relevance of gamma oscillations is to study complete sensorimotor cycles. PMs in SRTs may be the behavioral output of gamma oscillations. A patient with a lesion of central somaesthetic relay could neither identify nor detect tactile and proprioceptive stimuli applied to his right arm, but could point to them.

These limitations suggested that a specific motor representation of the stimulus is expressed only for immediate action but not when a higher level representation of it has been built-up. These data suggest that two perceptual representations, devoted to action and to identification, can be responsible for goal directed movement. This study focused on the effect of visual context on movement accuracy. Subjects performed pointing movements without vision of the moving hand. Target appeared within different contexts: large visual field, cube, tilted cube, cylinder.

It was available during the programming and or not the unfolding of the movement. In each situation, we noticed an undershoot. With the visual context available during the movement, radial error increased as it shrunk and became circular. This suggests that visual information may contribute to on-line control of unseen hand, to an extent depending on the size and the frame of the visual field.

When bilinguals solve problems, does the language format of the problem affect their problem-solving behavior? Two experiments were conducted to study whether the language of the problem affects analogical transfer in math word problem solving among Filipino-English bilinguals. Experiment 1 showed better transfer when there was a match between the language of the analogous source and target problems.

However, when the solution formulas were provided with the target problems in Experiment 2, the same-language effect disappeared. These results suggest that using the same language promotes transfer by facilitating access but not the use of analogous problem information. Associative and normative accounts of contingency judgments are compared. In Experiment 1, a recency effect led to perceptions of stronger contingencies in trial sequences analogous to partial reinforcement. In Experiment 2, contingency strength co-varied with the proximity of outcome trials, signaled or not.

In Experiment 3, the recency effect was stronger for judgments based on small sample size. Implications for the associative model are discussed. Two studies that varied response mode ranking versus estimation in conjunction problems are reported. A surprising effect was observed. When mode was varied within as well as between subjects, fewer participants violated the conjunction rule in estimates than rankings.

We propose an explanation for such judgment reversals: Ranking triggers search for a cue that discriminates between hypotheses whereas estimation triggers integration across cues. We show how these different cogntive processes can explain when and why ranking leads to more violations of the conjunction rule than estimation. A cue-based model that predicts the majority of ranking judgments is proposed. Experiments are described that explored reasoning and valuing.

Their interaction is evaluated through the subjects' logical performance to solve problems with congruent or incongruent values. Problems presenting incongruous instrumental and end-state values were not treated logically. Value incongruity is seen as breakage of the hierarchical order values "owe themselves"-an ethical breakage from Max Scheler's view. Piaget reported that children eight years and older reason in accord with class inclusion, whereas research on the conjunction fallacy concludes that adults' reasoning can violate class inclusion in probability judgments.

We attempt to resolve this puzzle. Piaget asked whether there are more members of one set than another, whereas researchers reporting conjunction fallacies ask which is more probable. We argue that the so-called conjunction fallacy is largely a consequence of the polysemy of the term "probable". Our analysis explains why people do or do not reason according to class inclusion in frequency, percentage, believability, and probability judgments.

Lesniewski's mereology axiomatizes part-whole relations. In this paper, his mereology is explicated in terms of naive set theory. In Experiment 1, the subjects were asked to judge the validity of statements in isolation. In Experiment 2, the subjects were asked to judge the validity of a syllogistic set of three statements as a whole. Contrary to previous studies, such as Yamashita , the present experiments indicate that the statements which satisfy the requirements of part-whole relations according to our logical definitions were regarded by the subjects as transitive.

This study set out to: a explore the concept of intuition, b investigate the relationships amongst measures of intuition, and c examine the characteristics of intuitive individuals through empirical analyses. The two measures were not significantly correlated, suggesting that they may measure different constructs. Regression equations showed that the only significant predictor of scores on the ACT was aesthetic interests. Context and style of communication are central to the evaluation and development of close relationships.

In order to discover the dimensions of context as well as the different styles used in the communication of Puerto Rican couples, several exploratory studies were conducted. Based on the qualitative information obtained in the exploratory phase, conceptual definitions were proposed and Likert type items were constructed for each category of content and style. Factor analysis of the responses of couples confirm the theoretical dimensions. Differences by sex and scale intercorrelations will be presented and discussed. In a collectivist culture such as the Mexican, the family and the interpersonal relations play a very important role; consequently it is important to study the concept of marital satisfaction.

In order to assess the impact of the cultural diversity, 75 couples from a traditional city - Merida, Yucatan - were tested with a cultural relevant instrument, the Marital Satisfaction Scale developed by Pick and Andrade, and their results are interpreted through an ethno-psychological perspective. Our studies of college students in emerging and lengthy dating relationships suggest that males and females engaging in sex with multiple partners differ in their attention to social and personal aspects of the self.

Males who engage in sex with a greater number of partners are more sensitive to the social milieu surrounding them and to appearances; females who exhibit similar behaviors are more sensitive to internal needs and feelings. Explanations for these gender differences are discussed, along with the role of exclusive partnership, length of relationship and empathy in mediating the sexual activity of college students in dating relationships.

Attachment, affect and love, are givens in the social genotype of human beings. However, the categories interaction styles and forms of relationships are shaped by the sociocultural ecosystems in which individuals develop. In order to describe the connotative meaning of concepts related to love and power for Mexican couples, subjects selected by quotas for sex and educational level responded through semantic networks to the concepts: Love, responsibility, romance, respect, power, dependency, closeness and conflicts.

The results help understand couple interactions and the norms, expectations, evaluations and behavior of love and power within the Mexican culture. This paper describes the nature and correlates of jealousy in the context of couple relationships. Data are reported from a series of couples seeking help for jealousy as the presenting problem. Analysis of the jealousy showed clear behavioral, cognitive and affective aspects. Behavioral aspects were the commonest cause for complaint. The responses of the non-jealous partner also played a key part in the maintenance of the problem.

A major dimension was the mismatch that occurred between what each partner considered to be domains of exclusivity in their relationship. The implications of these findings for treatment and prevention are discussed. Can positive family interaction, assessed four years earlier, have an impact on the effects of negative life events for family members in two different cultures?

Videotapes of a sample of middle class Mexican-American and Anglo families were Q sorted by multiple raters. Healthier family interaction was associated with reduced later symptomatology, but only in the Anglo group. Other results suggest that positive family interaction had a "buffering" effect on symptomatology, particularly when families encountered increases in negative life events. This was likewise true only of Anglo families.

Discussion focuses on the relationship between social class and culture. Through interviews with recently married couples, narratives were built describing the history of the relationships. The transcripts were analyzed using the constant comparative method. Marriage commitment could be described as a process of the couple actively co-authoring a marriage story.

The stories contained a marriage project, pivotal commitment events, and four major transformational themes interpersonal, personal, social, spiritual. They agreed to try to make the marriage story come true and were concerned that it might become an unhappy story. All considered they would break their commitment rather than live out an unhappy ending. Multiple regression analysis indicated that attitudes were related to work setting, the type of contact with patients, in-service training, and concern about working with patients of unknown HIV status.

The results were interpreted using the belief saleince model. This paper describes a research project on the acculturation processes of second generation young people. One hundred and forty six boys and girls from 4 comprehensive schools completed a questionnaire and an attitude scale devised by the researchers in It was hypothesised that girls would show more positive attitudes towards the adoption of British norms compared with boys and that Hindu and Sikh young people would score higher on the scale compared with the Muslims. Results confirm these hypotheses and the high reliability of the scale 0.

These findings are discussed in relation to Berry's model of acculturation. When college students read 9 page accounts of a crime, the results suggested they processed the accounts differently as a function of whether the account was presented as fiction or non fiction. Narrative fiction may affect beliefs in ways not predicted by traditional persuasion paradigms: a transportation into another world and b attribution to truth of narratives, even though the texts are explicitly presented as fictional.

Traditional and new assumptions about text processing were integrated. An experiment is described in which three task groups were organized with different levels of interaction dyads or single subjects. A reward was offered for their performances. The experimenter's unjust decision created a victim and a beneficiary. Results confirmed that the presence of the other can significantly modify the victim's reaction mode to injustice. When they interact with the "real" partner, rather than actively acting to restore equity as they do when they are alone , they tend to delay the response or do nothing against injustice.

Resignation, though not predicted by Equity Theory, may be a way of equity restoration. The results of cross cultural research on ethnic identity of Russians in CIS and Baltic States have shown that increase of ethnically relevant markers in self identification correlated highly with both the rise of infringement of minority rights and negative feelings towards ethnic belonging. But when ethnic intolerance is increased, the psychological mechanisms of social perception come into play to diminish culture distance between the Russians and "titular" ethnicities.

It also produces the rise in positive ethnic autostereotypes. These results confirm Berry's thesis on the relation of positive ethnic identity and tolerance and reveal socio-psychological mechanisms regulating this relationship. Watiez, M. Letarte, A. This research investigates the relationship between the degree of consistency between bases of attitude affective-cognitive and types of appeal used in persuasive communications emotional-informational on attitude change. In a field study, we first assessed affective and cognitive bases of attitude for a product category food in a French-Canadian sample adults.

We then content analysed TV advertisements for the same product category targeted to the same population systematic recording, 8-week observation; ads. Non-parametric analyses revealed that attitudes were formed primarily on affective basis whereas advertisements predominantly emphasized information- al content. Older adult's behavioral intention of preventing blood transmission of HIV should be a function of two components, attitudinal and normative, according to the theoretical model developed by Fishbein To analyse the elders' action, the following behavior was chosen: asking the professional nurse, dentist, physician next time they apply for health service about the use of the biological safety norms to prevent AIDS.

Their attitudes towards the action turned out to be favorable and their subjective norms showed social approval towards this behavior. A meta-analysis was performed concerning the attitude-behavior relationships using studies published in documents. The estimate for the population correlation between attitudes and behavior was 0.

The corresponding estimate for the relation of attitudes and behavioral intention was 0. More specific analyses showed that the strength of the correlation heavily depended on, e. Fifty-seven survivors participated in therapy groups up to 55 weeks in duration. Initial symptomatology and personal history variables were examined for improvement over time and group completion, with repeated measures of locus of control, self-esteem, social intimacy, and psychological distress administered every 11 weeks.

No significant differences were found between the no-treatment group, the week group, and the week treatment completers on initial intake measures. A linear trend was found in the week treatment completers, demonstrating significant improve- ment on all outcome measures. This paper describes the evaluation of a treatment program with educational, social support and cognitive-behavioral components.

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Twenty-four women with post-partum depression were offered treatment and compared to a wait-list control group. The authors used genograms as part of a family therapy training programme. The aim was to help students gain an understanding of family functioning and of their own interactions within their families. Both black and white students presented their genograms and stories of different cultures emerged. Students were confronted by their lack of awareness of cultural differences and a process of discovering one another resulted.

The authors discuss this process and explain how genograms can be used in cross-cultural groups to promote understanding in the context of a changing South Africa. This study screened a heterogenous sample of newly diagnosed cancer patients for emotional well being. Patients in both intervention groups received an eight week intervention and were compared to the control at 4, 8, 11, 16, 32 weeks post interventions.

The findings indicated CBT to be superior in helping patients adopt a more positive coping style, yet no significant difference in psychological distress between the two intervention groups were seen. Group therapy has been proposed by several authors as a useful, viable and particularly effective alternative in the psychotherapeutic management of eating disorders. The need for specialized groups in which a careful selection of members is done, and where patients "speak the same language" and get support from each other within a psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral frame, as well as the particular dynamics involved in an eating disorders group and our clinical experience with these groups, will be discussed.

Forty-one percent of all incoming referrals for children with behavioral or emotional presenting problems were allocated to single session brief family therapy. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach, a 15 point telephone questionnaire was used with 51 parents. The results from consumers support the establishment of a single session component within a range of counselling services.

Node-link mapping is a method for visually representing ideas, feelings, and actions. Research has indicated that it can enhance outcomes from drug abuse counseling. The present study extends this research by examining counseling session evaluations collected from probationers participating in 26 group sessions at a residential substance abuse treatment facility.

Participants rated high mapping sessions as significantly deeper, involving more group participation, and greater feelings of post-session excitement than low mapping sessions. In a longitudinal study of Swedish adolescents 13 to 19 years old pattern and change in self- descriptions on trait scales from the Interpersonal Circle IC were studied in relation to ego development and background factors, i. Loevinger's measure of ego development was used. Differences at consecutive stages of ego development were expected as the frames of meaning for interpreting persons and events become more differentiated.

The results reported are from the first, cross-sectional part of the project. Main findings involved traits from the nurturant communal and dominant agentic sectors of the IC. From a set of personality descriptive items, comprising the newly developed tri-lingual Dutch-English-German personality questionnaire, items are selected to describe interpersonal transactions.

Self and peer ratings on this subset, obtained for the Dutch and English version of the questionnaire, are used to determine the structure of the domain. The data selections are subjected to Principal Components analysis and presented in circumplex formats. The Dutch-English connection is a particular focus of attention. In addition, from the same pool of items, markers are selected to assess the relationship with the Wiggins' circumplex. University undergraduates served as participants in a study designed to determine potential indices of dissimulation on the NEO-PI R. To our knowledge, no research has appeared that addresses the problem of identifying invalidating response sets on this measure.

Discriminant function analysis was used to determine facet scale indices of dissimulation across conditions. Findings are consistent with the hypothesis that the NEO-PI R is susceptible to faking and that dissimulation can be identified using a facet scale function. Career choice is one form of decision-making process. Counselors rated the behaviourial style of counselees during vocational counseling sessions. The postulated structure of sub dimensions and the relations among them were tested, using multi-dimensional techniques.

A study is described which has looked at cultural bias in personality tests as a function of item translation. The personality test used in the study is the well established 16PF5 which has been widely translated. The Mantel-Haenszel procedure was used to appraise differential item functioning across three national groups; English, French and Spanish. Data used was from the original standardisation samples for the adult general population in these three countries. Results are presented. The investigation is part of ongoing collaborative research carried out by members of the European Test Publishers Group.

Adaptiveness constitutes coping consistently with stressors so as to reduce stress or, at worst, not aggravate it. It consists of 19 items offering alternative responses to stressful situations. Respondents receive one point for each response deemed superior to its alternatives by experts on coping. The SRI shows adequate internal consistency and stability. It correlates positively with problem-solving confidence and negatively with perceived stress. Correlation against social desirability is positive but weak.

Research and clinical applications are discussed. Mixture distribution models MDM assume that observed data do not stem from a homogeneous population of individuals but are a mixture of data from two or more latent populations. These subpopulations only are defined by their property of being homogeneous in the sense that a particular model with a specified set of parameters holds for these individuals. The mixed Rasch model is such a model and assumes that the individuals within each class are scalable according to the Rasch model.

The paper presents applications of the model to personality questionnaires. A self control questionnaire has been developed having taken into account the experience of other questionnaires and tests of such type. The questionnaire S-C includes 19 items with 4 basic items showing whether respondent is sincere. S-C shows whether a person has high or low self control.

Marc Bablet, chef du bureau de l’Education prioritaire à la DGESCO :

S-C has internal and external validity and norms are established. The questionnaire is a means of personality assessment as well as a clinical research method and it may also be used in a battery of tests for personnel selection. S-C is self administering and takes little time to administer and interpret. South African teachers are faced with the challenge of educating pupils who are increasingly diverse in terms of their cultural heritage, language, socio-economic level, and preparation for schooling.

A psychoeducational programme has been designed and implemented to train teachers to administer screening measures, to make effective decisions regarding the child's educational needs and to explore and implement intervention strategies. The programme and findings regarding its effectiveneness will be reviewed.

Autisme et ABA : le bonheur d'apprendre

Giftedness is a cultural construction comprised of abilities valued by our society, values that are determined predominantly by and for men. For this reason, we recognise and nurture symbolically masculine gifts e. Further, I will discuss ways in which the expression of girls' and womens' gifts is suppressed at the individual and societal levels. The motivation and learning strategies of two samples of college students in a learning and thinking skills course were assessed by the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire at the end of semester.

Results showed that Planning and Effort Management scales were most constantly related to course performance. Those students who reported that they attended class more regularly had higher mean course and research paper grades. The conditional knowledge of students' adaption of their learning style to instructor's requirements and teaching style was also a significant predictor of grades.

Motivation and conditional knowledge are essential for effective learning. A good deal of research has been undertaken about the Grade Point Average. However in Mexico research at the university level is not abundant. Therefore, it is important to ascertain the relationship of four kinds of variables socioeconomic, psychological, study habits and leisure activities on Grade Point Average. Random group samples were collected at four schools Business Administration, Engineering, Medicine and Chemistry. One result in line with findings in several countries is that the best predictor of the GPA is the grade average of the previous schoolwork.

Path analyses showed some similarities among schools as well as some differences. First year university experiences often threaten students' academic performance. Attributional retraining AR has shown to improve grades and other indicators of success. A variety of measures have been used to define which students are at risk, most referring to experiences after administration. In this study reported high school average and perceived high school success were used to define at-risk students.

Compared to control subjects, AR subjects' course grades were higher. This information empowers institutions to identify at-risk students before their admission. The goal of this study was to investigate and compare the scientific progress and training situation among Shiraz medical students. The sample included medical students women, men. The score of basic science comprehensive, preinternship comprehensive and clinical ward examinations were compared.

The mean score in basic science and preinternship exams were nearly equal in women and men, but in the course of clinical wards the mean score of women was higher than men. As it has been documented, gifted children possess numerous characteristics. They include, but are not limited to, self-criticism, increased levels of compassion, attachment, and sense of responsibility, strong desire for acceptance, general increased levels of emotion that are inconsistent with age levels.

The lack of awareness can lead to difficulties for the child. When difficulties do arise, it is necessary to intervene both with the child and with the environment. This study examined interest in career options allowing greater flexibility but slower career advancement among women and men employed in a single large professional services firm. Data were collected by questionnaires completed anonymously. Women expressed significantly greater interest in such career options than did men. Women and men expressing greater interest in such options described the firm in more negative ways and reported both less job satisfaction and greater intention to quit.

Women and men who were married, and who had children, were more interested in alternative career options. In addition, women who spent more time commuting to work, and whose spouses worked more hours than they did, and men whose spouses were employed outside the home for pay also expressed greater interest in them. The perceptions of British managers on the "new deal in employment", current levels of depression in the workplace and future employment optimism were investigated. Ne soyez pas timide. Jeu-Concours : combien de francophones y a-t-il dans le monde? Dimanche 3 mars :. J eu-concours:.

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