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Oh yes, one more thing while you are out and about, if you have finished reading your Mainsheet, pass it on to another Catalina boat owner who might not be enjoying the benefits of association membership. The Catalina Family can always use new friends. But, we were happily greeted with warm sunny skies as we sailed up into the North Bay, crossing San Pablo Bay through the channel and entering the mouth of the Petaluma River. The trip up the river was very enjoyable with sunny skies, warm temperatures and favorable tides and current conditions working in our favor.

We passed swans and other wildlife creatures and got a closeup view of several funky riverfront communities. Passing by the Petaluma Marina, we went under the Highway Bridge and the D Street Draw Bridge a classic drawbridge which Stu had previously contacted to have opened for us prior to our arrival and immediately entered the Turning Basin.

The Fleet had finally arrived! We side-tied uneventfully along the convenient guest docks adjacent to the Petaluma Yacht Club, and were within a half-block walking distance of historic downtown Petaluma. Everyone enjoyed a great day Saturday, exploring the many shops, museums, restaurants and pubs the beautiful downtown area has to offer. That evening we held a group dinner at a fabulous restaurant called Graffiti. Afterwards, many of us embarked on the Petaluma Yacht Club to socialize and enjoy a few spirits on our final night.

We departed at approximately on Sunday with all having safe voyages back to our home marinas. It was a great weekend for members of Fleet 1, and a very enjoyable cruise. Both retired, we had rented our house for the summer to friends of friends who were building a house. A little additional income for three months and someone to mow the lawn.

But first, we had to cross Lake Michigan. After 5 years of sailing the safe waters of Green Bay and Door County, we were going to venture forth and actually be out of sight of land. And, we were going to do it solo. Although chilly, the winds were extremely light amid an appearing blue sky. The sailing vessel, Carpe Diem, was going to morph into a trawler for a day or maybe more.

This was intentional. We planned our departure around a weather forecast of knots of wind and waves less than 1 foot. As we passed the breakwater and exited the safety of the Sturgeon Bay Canal, we said a prayer, fixed a waypoint for the Frankfort breakwater on the chartplotter, kicked in the autopilot, and watched land slowly disappear off the stern of the boat. Lake Michigan was a sheet of glass, the dogs were sleeping like babies, and we were on our way. How did we get to this point? We were sitting on a rocky point overlooking Green Bay, picnicking with our dogs, Max and Neuman.

We were enjoying the day and the conversation turned to what we were going to do in retirement. It was only a couple of years away. I pull the trigger pretty quick. Mindy is a thinker. She gives a lot of thought to things before taking action. Sometimes what I think are simple tasks become complicated. This had always proved to be a good combination in our 25 years of marriage.

It only goes 5 mph. She was the analyst, asking lots of questions. As if on cue, this beautiful sailboat sails past. No loud engines, sails full of wind against the horizon, with a middleaged couple relaxed in the cockpit. It left an impression on both of us, but more so on me. Two weeks later, we chartered a 42 ft. The boat, a Chinese gaff rigged schooner, was owned and captained by Bruce Bishop. Bruce, a good looking, middle aged man with lots of hair, could have been a California surfer dude 20 years ago.

We settled in for a 2 hour afternoon sail out of Fish Creek, WI in calm conditions. Light winds prevailed; there was a little chop and lots of sunshine. We had a great sail. Bruce taught us how to tie a bowline. I decide to take sailing lessons with my tennis doubles partner, Mike Nabbefeldt. We learned sailing basics in Flying Scots. The instruction was excellent. I also start asking questions of the instructors about cruising boats. The instructors had lots of suggestions, but if I was serious, I should take the safety training course offered by the Coast Guard Reserve.

We signed up and both passed with perfect scores. Now, it was time to find a boat. I travel a lot in my profession, so I started looking for marinas to stop at and nose around. I was like a kid looking for his first car. There were lots of boats and several for sale. One in particular caught my eye. It was a blue hulled Choi Lee. It was dry docked.

She also needed a lot of work and was uninsurable until some repairs to the hull were done. He asked me a lot of questions and suggested I look at a new Catalina It was time to get the Admiral involved. We drove to Marinette to look at the boat. Mindy was impressed. It smelled like a new car and everything worked. It was a little floating apartment. On the way home, her analyt- ical side kicked in. Is it in our budget?

What about all the hidden costs? Can we dock something that big? To make a long story short, we bought the Catalina and named her SeaBiscuit. Eight months later, we traded it in for a Catalina 42 Dolce Vita. Two years after that, we purchased a Catalina Carpe Diem. We arrive in Frankfurt right on schedule. We slide through the breakwater, past the Coast Guard station, and into Betsie Lake with big smiles on our faces. Mission accomplished.

We have a reservation at the Frankfurt Municipal Marina. We call up the dockmaster on the VHF,and he assigns us our slip. We fender up and start our approach. The fendersare essentially useless because they are two feet below the dock level. We dock carefully in the shallow water and make some adjustments to protect our boat from the pilings. They have to jump up about 2 feet to a pretty narrow dock. Neuman, our big golden retriever, under shoots the jump, falls back, hits his head pretty hard on the boat, and falls into the water.

He swims to shore and appears all right. Not the way to start our post landing in Frankfurt. Later that evening and over cocktails in the cockpit, we assess the day. It went better than we had hoped. It was a smooth, uneventful motor. The weather window was favorable for sailing to our next destination, Leland, MI. We decide to leave early the next morning. We will see this boat again in three weeks in the North Channel. We took delivery in the spring of I was almost 60, recently retired and we wanted an offshore capable, safe, comfortable, livable cruising boat, rather that the racing boat we had had previously.

On the cruise we celebrated two major milestones. The first was that I turned 75! I am still able to single hand Son Touched safely! It is a very friendly club with 24 hr launch service and great restaurants. Most of the stores and restaurants on the island are an easy dingy ride away. The AIS receiver includes a display of targets targets being most commercial vessels and many pleasure craft. The ability to determine via the AIS display the bearing of, time to closest approach, and separation at closest approach of targets Dick and Jan Beckerleg is reassuring.

I strongly recommend you consider this upgrade! The severe weather alert interruption feature on newer VHFs is a must. In our 25, nmi we have sailed as far north and east as Halifax, NS, and as far south as Granada south on two occasions. The boat is still in great shape, has no structural faults, and it has retained its value way beyond expectations. Jan, my wife of 45 yrs, really likes to live aboard the boat, which makes it easier for me. The interior layout and features and the cockpit please her greatly.

Martin via Bermuda. She has sailed with me through all the island chains.

Catalina 350 International Association

Both times south we spent 7 months in the Caribbean. I was pleased. There were only a few thin spots but there was good adherence over-all. I replaced I had finally found the perfect boat.

Translating Vintage Crochet Patterns with Karen Brock

Having all of some two sails, while having River in Mobile, AL, to take her out for a weeks experience stretch, with this I wastears, not hadboat, no holes, sail with a friend. The following week on comfortable with or staying aboard, and with places where the threads Friday the 26th, I received a call from storm surge estimates growing, I felt that the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the Battery had failed. After 12 yrs of Turner saying that the hurricane models boat would have a better chance of survival hard sailing, I would have were showing Katrina making land just east at anchor than at the dock.

I now have wood trim, and brought them home for refinof Mobile. They were advising their clients Sunday morning we awoke to beautiful ishing, as at 25, had some wear Doyle sailsand and aI freshening hope they do as well. I also did all the fidI drove down with my son-in-law, southeast. We got underway and headed up hrs onwith it now. The hatches are Lewmar, with top. The I already with good wind protection from the east. It was needed no work. Delta anchor on board, but we went to About other sailboats already easily removed and area, rebedded now leakThis spring bought I removed 16 yrs.

I had the store, a fortress FX, and rode. We them. The We put both anchors out replaced. The depth of thepumps. Some I tookwere off over 80 fastofinpaint. After hauling it this fall to I could uphow Mobile and staying aboard. As the enough scope. We have upgraded to two, amp-hrs AGM batteries from West Marine, a amp Balmar alternator with a 3 stage regulator, and a starting battery. I always cruise with a spare alternator and regulator. The starting battery can be dedicated to the LED tri-color navigation light at the top of the mast, as is required for off shore racing, and it just makes good sense.

When 2 of the 6 blocks, made by Garenough foot surge topball of failure that hauer, infor theamainsheet systemonhad depth. Largo, Fla, 2 new ones were sent toWe me buttoned the boat the dinghy, for free, under theup, 10 returned yr warranty. After 16 and forfailed—they home. The following morning I was glued to over the warranty period. They speed and direction as Katrina roared sold me two high strength blocks with needle ashore to the west in Mississippi. Along bearing a safefor working load ofthe 6, lbs with my and concern those taking brunt to replace the original 6 block having only of the storm, I tried to imagine what ball bearings was and adoing lb SWL at ashe very reaChanticleer and how was sonable riding outprice.

He have made the years for and safety did, and,asno boats. It was time to take off for an extended time on a boat fitted out for cruising. In the spring of , we bought a tall rig, wing keel, Catalina in Florida. We sailed Southern Skies back to Lake Pontchartrain, LA where we did upgrades to the electrical systems, reefing, navigation, and cruising amenities.

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In the spring of we took a six week shakedown cruise from Lake Pontchartrain to Key West, the Dry Tortugas and back. All went well; however, we did learn that a smaller headsail would be much better suited for the boat and the two of us. We also went from a 35 lb. Delta anchor to a 44 lb. Lewmar as our primary anchor. After our successful shakedown cruise, we began to think about our next cruising plans. Since my wife and I are both from the East Coast and we have a number of friends and family there, we decided on making a goal to sail to Maine and back over the next several years.

We would sail in the spring, summer and fall then leave the boat on the hard over the winter and return in mid to late spring to begin our travels again. Even though we were not currently members of a yacht club, I called yacht clubs on the East Coast and found many that offered moorings to us at very good rates. My wife started looking at other boat insurance options.

Obviously, these savings would help in our net costs for cruising. Before we began our cruise, one of our sons in laws suggested that we keep a blog of our travels. In the spring of we left Lake Pontchartrain and cruised around Florida and up to Virginia leaving the boat for the winter in Deltaville, VA. Many states on the East Coast 10 have a personal property tax you should be aware of. We came back in mid-May of to launch and then made our way to Maine such that we would be cruising from Portland to Bar Harbor and back in August and early September.

This greatly facilitated trips home as well as friends and family coming to visit us for cruising the beautiful waters and well known destinations in the Northeast. Ultimately, we left the boat last winter in the Solomons, MD. Our plans this year were to spend about six weeks in Deltaville getting some canvas work done and then three months in NC at River Dunes Marina taking several trips to Ocracoke Island and Cape Lookout. Our travels and experiences greatly exceeded any expectations we had prior to committing to such an adventure. What really surprised us was how little this East Coast cruise cost us above what we were already paying for a yearly slip lease and insurance on the Gulf Coast.

As the data shows, in and we were either anchored or on a mooring most of the time which saved significantly over slips in the northeast. We also did all of the winterizing and de-winterizing of Southern Skies at each of the marinas where we stowed the boat over the winter. Most of the costs for spring yard work were for bottom painting. Also included in the data summary are the travel costs for our Tahoe each year up and back to the boat and airline flights home for family visits and special occasions — like the birth of five grandchildren and one engagement.

This article is primarily an overview of our travels with the emphasis on yearly costs and statistics. A future article will address much of the details such as planning, equipment and upgrades, tips and experiences. Watkins, as she was in Chicago visiting our first grandchild. I lent my C25, Island Time, to friends Mark and Cheri, whose Irwin 30 would not fit under a causeway on the route to the raft-up site. Sunday morning, I rose before everyone else, pulled anchor and headed back to the marina so that I could get to Orlando Airport to pick up my wife by a. While waiting for her just outside security, I got a call from my friend Bill, who was still on the water.

By the time I arrived on the scene, the boat was tied up on the south-side of the bridge. The mast was still being held up by the lower shrouds. The masthead fitting was lying on the deck along with the parted stays and halyards. The Florida Wildlife Commission officer arrived on site, took statements, and allowed us to go.

The insurance company and I disagreed on the value of the boat surprised? She was is a great boat that me given me many fond memories, but none quite as memorable as the image of her hanging from the bridge. A sad event, but it does say something about the integrity of the C Over the 4 days of the event, we had dozens of folks stop and ask about our boat and sailing in the local area.

Lights and shadows of Sewickley life, or, Memories of sweet valley

As you would expect most of the sailors commented that they owned a Catalina 22 or sailed on one in the past. This all started in when I contacted the organizing group, the Michigan Boating Industries Association, about the cost for a display booth. My initial concept was to place a boat on the trailer in a booth with a picnic table and a sign board or two. The MSRP for a booth was way outside our budget but they agreed to give me a complimentary display in order to get more sailing interest in the show and to reach out to a larger audience.

This year, the arrangements were the same. I received a map of the area with the opportunity to select the display site I wanted. Dennis Vanderjagt offered up his recently restored model as the display boat and we signed the contract. We offered to present a 30 minute seminar each day in our booth on cruising large on a small boat.

We laid out 4 topics and drafted a simple outline to follow. I made some simple Fleet Business Cards to hand out to interested parties with our web site and contact information. The show started at Noon on Thursday so we did our set up on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Dennis arrived toward sundown with his boat. The paint was still drying on his trailer but it looked like a brand new boat.

We spotted the boat, set up the table and canopy, ran the electrical and introduced ourselves to the folks on either side of us. On Thursday morning Erv Zimmerman came with his computer and large display to provide the slide show of Fleet sailing activities. Our booth was simple and the only thing we really could do to improve it would have been to have a C22 Fleet sign at the front of the display. The crowd was not too heavy on Thursday and Friday but quite heavy on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was sunny most of the time but windy and cool.

Almost everyone who walked into our area wanted to know the selling price of the boat. Featuring the most comprehensive and competitively priced marine insurance coverage available to Catalina owners. Subject to underwriting approval. We did make contact with a few folks who have a C22 but were not on my local contact list so we added them. At least 3 couples asked me about boats for sale in the area and lots of folks asked about the general cost of a C22 if they wanted to get into sailing.

Several Fleet members volunteered to work the booth throughout the show so there was always a couple of guys around discussing C22 things and plenty of questions were asked and answered. Overall the experience was a good one. We will most likely do it again next year. I would recommend this activity to other fleets for advertising and fleet development.

And if you have a boat to sell, you might even find a buyer! While sailing, the integral cover lies flat against the foot of the sail. Visit us at doylesails. Sailing conditions were perfect, with light steady winds and a two-foot chop, we were making 5. Craig was relaxing in the cockpit while I was leaning lazily on the wheel as the boat headed west, practically on her own. Suddenly without warning, I was alarmed by a loud splash and hiss in the water right at the starboard quarter. Jerking my head to the right I saw a foot Minke Whale surfacing three feet away from the boat, moving on a parallel course.

As the whale surfaced, we made eye contact before it spouted and slid beneath the surface at the midship of the boat. The spray and steam from the exhaling whale engulfed me as I stood there in shock. And, whew, talk about bad fish breath! The whale checked us out as it rolled back beneath the surface. Curious by nature, Minke Whales are known to approach vessels, and usually surface three to five times before diving back for a long time period. On occasion, we are even blessed with a close approach of one of the pods of Orca Whales that frequent our waters.

Nowadays, they are easier to spot as they are usually being followed by several hundred people in a dozen or more high speed whale watching boats. The whale watching boats take the thrill out of seeing these whales unexpectedly when no one else is around. As Craig came back out on deck, the whale surfaced again just off the bow of the boat, then slipped under again, too late to get a picture. The whale surfaced once more about 20 yards ahead of the boat and then was gone. We both stood on the deck in awe, at the very close encounter with such a magnificent creature.

It was one of these events that seldom happens, but as sailors we are generally in a better place in which to appreciate it. Jerking my head to the right I saw a 30foot Minke Whale surfacing three feet away from the boat. Direct has 35the years of of experience satisfying needs experience satisfying the needs Gary Swenson's Catalina sailors. Ullman Sails loftof Catalina sailors. Contact your All Calatina Association Editor. Do not send your address changes to the Mainsheet. The holiday party started with a brief business meeting where we elected a new commodore and vice commodore while returning the membership chairman, co-treasurers and webmaster for the season.

After the business meeting, the social hour began and continued through the luncheon. When lunch was mostly over the Yankee swap started with a variety of nice gifts and a few jokers intermixed. With broaching seas of feet Larry decided better to be safe and started the engine. The only choice was to continue to sail back to Marion Sippican Harbor. While getting the engine started Great Escape became entangled in a mooring line. Okay, ordeal over. In November, during the annual planning meeting at Fishbones in the charming Marina Bay Quincy, MA , the club created a tentative agenda of Tech-Sessions and social gatherings as well as tentative dates for the summer cruise and rendezvous.

For full details go to andersenwinches. In sailing you earn trust through experience and performance. For the past 45 years, Andersen has built a reputation of trust by creating reliable winches with the distinctive, highly polished stainless steel drums. If you want better sailing, choose the best winches. Augustine Yacht Club. For more information, contact Catalina Yachts at Contact your C Association Editor. Once we got back down here we re-commissioned the boat. We left Voyager in the water during our two months back in the U. Re-commissioning consists of putting the dodger, bimini and genoa back on.

Placing the life raft back in its cradle, getting all the things we stored below deck back on deck. Once this was done we could finally relax. A few days later we had to decide if we needed to store everything below and strip all the canvas once again. This was due to reports of Hurricane Norman rolling in from the south and taking a northeasterly direction heading towards the Sea of Cortez. The storm did go up the Sea toward Guaymas which is quite a bit north of us, but since we were in La Paz we were protected by the mountains to the east of us.

All we had was two days of heavy rain and very little wind. Once the weather cleared we provisioned the boat, reserved our slip for our return in six weeks, collected our umbilical cords and left Marina Palmira. Destination — north into the Sea of Cortez, buddy boating with some friends. Knowledge here is king! Having spent the better part of two years in the Sea we have acquired a fair bit of it. Some of things you find important are where can you get rid of garbage. There are a few national parks along Baja that have garbage cans; we now know where those are.

North of La Paz there are only three fuel docks along the entire east coast of the Baja peninsula. The middle one is about miles north of La Paz, then for the next or so miles until the northernmost fuel dock at San Felipe where they have up to A commercial shrimper we had bought shrimp from a few days before also came in and anchored with the rest of us. We spent two days with heavy rains; one of those days we had winds that topped out around 45 knots. Ducked another bullet! Highway 1 is the only road going for the nearly thousand miles down Baja from the California border all the way to Cabo San Lucas.

But it was quickly repaired and only closed for a little over a day. I mentioned earlier that Escondido was one of our fuel stops. On our way north to North of La Paz there are only three fuel docks along the entire east coast of the Baja peninsula. Escondido has a fuel dock, a small marina for about boats usually full with motor yachts , a restaurant and a very nice tienda.

Pedro is the owner of the restaurant and tienda. He gets deliveries from both La Paz and Cabo San Lucas so he can stock items Gringo cruisers covet: English muffins, Italian sausage, sushimaking condiments, hard cheeses like sharp cheddar and parmesan. He also has installed booster antennas for internet and cell phone coverage. While Puerto Escondido has internet it does not have cell service, but Pedro does and provides within the restaurant somehow.

Very progressive guy! While we were in Pto. Escondido, Hurricane Paul decided to come take a rare path and head north along the Pacific Baja coast and was predicted to cross into the Sea of Cortez just north of us. So, boats anywhere in the vicinity came into Escondido it is considered a hurricane hole as it is almost totally enclosed by land and took refuge. All the big sport fishing boats were taken off the docks there we heard on the morning radio net that the fuel dock was closed down for weeks for installation of new pumps.

Gotta have that fuel! We are keeping a list on the C Web Site. Log on to www. Contact your CM Association Editor. Please notify your Association of any change in address. The wind, waves, sun and sea life are a nice change from the trappings of living in the city. Vamonos just feels at home being out at sea, and on the move again. Not only am I renewed by Mother Nature, but also by the generosity of those who we meet along the way. The Camaraderie of the Sea seems to be a special bond where those you meet become instant friends who are willing to do just about anything to help if needed.

Not just other sailors and cruisers, but also the locals at the anchorages. Sometimes the offers are so strong that we have to accept, just to keep these kind souls from being offended if we do not.

The Camaraderie of the Sea constantly renews my faith in human kindness and generosity; something that can sometimes be lacking when living the urban life. So take to the sea my friends, its generosity will warm your soul. Throughout our cruising travels in the Great Lakes, my wife, Margie and I have seen more and more cruisers starting their children and grandchildren in their early years to be part of their crew, and they I cannot think of a better way to encourage family participation, fun, and togetherness.

Those early and fun experiences will eventually be a basis for a decision to continuing to sail in their adult years. I cannot think of a better way to encourage family participation, fun, and togetherness. We swim, dinghy, fish, exercise, and eat together as a family. Our s are perfect boats to have our families aboard. We as a group of cruisers can make a difference in the number of adults that will continue to sail and we can help reverse the decline in the number of future sailors by starting them early.

Calling All Sunsets! Lorell Alexander, Catalina Mainsheet Association Editor First of all, I am happy to report that in welcoming our Catalina brethren here on our forum, we are also benefited by being able to enjoy more sailing adventures, as demonstrated here by Gary Weichmann and his wife Mindy, aboard Carpe Diem, on their inaugural expedition, cruising the waters of Lake Michigan and the North Channel.

Please join me in welcoming our newest members, and read along to enjoy their adventure! As for the title of this Message, I have recently had the pleasure of admiring the many wonderful photos that Jennifer Simpson aboard Three Sheets, with her husband and our Technical Editor, Mike Simpson has been posting on Facebook, and on their blog ThreeSheetsSailing.

The thought now occurs to me, that while I may never have taken a photo with the depth of color and drama, I certainly have my own personal favorites over the years, aboard our own Bonnie Lass. I imagine you all have your personal favorites as well. Given that not all of our members will take to writing an article for us, I was hoping that everyone would certainly have a sunset photo to share, along with a few words about where it was taken. What do you think? If you would be interested in sharing your own sunset photos, I may be able to publish them here in a future issue Mainsheet.

If we are overwhelmed with photos, a great problem to have! So, calling all sunsets, please! And, we were going to do it solo Read the whole story on page 6 of this issue! Contact your C42 Association Editor. Fleet 15 Green Bay: Organizing a new fleet! Contact your C Association Editors. We are a creative bunch always looking for ways to improve our already terrific boats!

We, as Catalina owners, seem to be true examples of this timeless premise! But I find myself already missing her. I was really impressed with the quality of their workmanship and with their total dedication to quality and to that path to continued success — continual improvement! This model arrives in an acrylic display case with your boat name painted on it. Take a look at the photographs that Denis sent to me. I would respectfully suggest that their work is outstanding. This way, I can visualize, in 3 dimensions, the effects of future projects that, thanks to all of your ideas as well as my own, are now on my BTDL boat to do list.

Also, when others want to talk about sailing, I can discuss the subject with them with the model of our boat as a teaching aid! OK, so back to thinking about future projects — how about a reasonable and easy key word here way to replace the water pump impeller — any ideas? Please send articles of general interest to Diane Revak by mail or e-mail. Join or Renew form on page They will be joining us in this section and the Technical section until they have sufficient numbers and want to start their own association. Let me say again, welcome. Chuck will be the Technical Editor for the C members.

I hope to see many articles and pictures gracing our pages soon submitted by the owners for this section and the technical pages. If you are reading this thank Bob, because he keeps the membership rolls up to date and accurate! Another change you may have noticed is in the box with our names and addresses. Winterize your home. Do you provide products or services to benifit people during the winter? Come where they are and advertise in Wise Buys Weekly. Find out how just call, today.

Manager On Site. RV Storage. CCB Thursday November We willl work within your budget to create a confident smile! Call for details: For more information, contact Ron Paradis, executive director of College Relations, at This free event RSVP at cocc. For more information, contact Charlotte Gilbride at In advance of college events, persons needing accommodation or transportation because of a physical or mobility disability, contact Joe Viola: For accommodation because of other disability such as hearing impairment, contact the Office of Disability Services: The health programs covered will include dental assisting, massage therapy, medical assistant, pharmacy technician and veterinary technician.

The session will include a description of each occupation, the typical clinical and administrative duties, as well as the certification or licensing required. There will also be a review of the structure, length and cost of each of the programs. It is not necessary to be enrolled at COCC to attend this session. Reservations are not required. For information, call Michael Grimm, Office: Powerful Wood Truck. New Transmission.

REZZAN VANÇİN (rezzanvancin) on Pinterest

Nice Truck. Need Head Gasket. New Battery. Needs Engine. A Few Fixable Dings. Lower Miles On Newer Tranny. Runs Like A Dream. Great Body. Runs When Parked. Clear Title. Excellent Class Project. Nice Body And Paint. Interior In Good Shape. Motor Turns Over. High Performance Intake Exhaust. Lower Miles. Two Tone Sport Wheels. Must See. Non Turbo. Front Wheel Drive. Cruise Control. Heated Seats. No Issues. Tow Package, New Tires. One Owner. Always Garaged. Needs Some Work. Not Road Approved. Rollup Door. LWB Pickup. Four New Tires. Call Gary, , Or Brenda, Runs Good, Good Tires.

Goood Tires, Dually. All residents are welcome and urged to attend. We will also be holding the election for new road chairman. C4 Transmission, 5-Lug Wheels. All Original Body, Second Owner. Less Than 46,K. New Clkutch. Heads Done. Automatic Transmission. Air Conditioning. Pristine Condition. Call Rex. La Pine. Great Work Truck. Long Bed. For more information please call Due to a recent resignation, the Chemult Rural Fire Protection District is seeking letters of interest from individuals interested in filling the vacant Fire District Director position.

This position will be up for election in May of Interested parties should submit a letter of interest to the Fire District at P. Box 97, Chemult, OR by December 13, Questions about the position can be directed to Board Chair Bob Holland, at These funds will be used to connect low income and homeless children and their families to vital services such as nutritious food, clothing, healthcare, and housing assistance.

COAR seeks to support healthy communities throughout Central Oregon by contributing to a large variety of nonprofit organizations. They are proud of their commitment to support organizations that better the lives of Central Oregonians. FAN began in January and currently employs 24 advocates in 55 public schools K and early childhood sites in Deschutes and Crook counties. The Family Access Network is committed to building a community where children flourish and families thrive. To learn more about Family Access Network, please visit www.

Medium Select

The Family Access Network offers assistance, possibility, and hope to Central Oregon families in need by connecting them with crucial resources that will help children flourish in school and in life. All Wheel Drive. Runs Good. Text Ok. Clean Title. Runs Good, Clean Rig. Mark, Superior Breaking, Quite Ride. Impetigo is a skin infection that primarily affects infants and young children. It initially appears as red sores on the face, nose, and around the mouth.

It can spread to other parts of the body like the hands and feet. When the sores first appear it can easily spread to other children because the infection is highly contagious. The sores sometimes ooze yellow liquid and crust with a yellow-brown mesh. Signs of a severe form of impetigo include blistering or painful, pus-filled open sores. Doctors will often prescribe an antibiotic ointment to apply to the lesions two or three times a day for a certain period of time, until the lesions clear.

In some cases a course of oral antibiotics may be taken in addition to the ointment. Antibiotics that belong to the beta-lactamase resistant antibiotics are usually prescribed because these medications are more likely to kill the bacteria. Medium Tread. Will Fit Other 8 Lug Patterns. Set Of Four. Great Traction, Excellent Condition.

Call Steve, Signet Winter Trax. Find your new best friend Still getting used to being here, Audrey is an extremely sweet and loving kitty! This delightful fella loves making new friends. His favorite activity is playing with the other dogs at the shelter! He is still learning his best manners. Come meet Jackson at BrightSide! She is sweet-natured but shy, so needs a patient owner. She would do best in a quieter home. Come meet Devlin at BrightSide! She is a sweet girl, and is great with people, but can be picky with other animals. Nikki will need a family with a fenced yard, and would love a active family.

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Call Bob. Call Joe. Industrial V With DustVac. What was anathema 25 years ago is accepted today. Windows has had limitedtraction in the high end," he said in a research note onTuesday. It follow similar actions by both other states, including Pennsylvania and Indiana, and the U. Department of Justice. A striking panorama pans for miles in every direction: a collage of turreted chateaux, tree-lined avenues, cerulean swimming pools, undulating green hills and acres of extraordinarily unspoilt land. The Club can be as potent in D.

They are, in effect, the city fathers of This Town. They are not one-dimensional and are certainly not bad people. They become part of a system that rewards, more than anything, self-perpetuation. At night, this sound is particularly full of menace and can be heard up to five miles away, acting as a deterrent to younger males looking for a pride of their own. Open, and arrived in Metz having not won a match since he reached the final at the Eastbourne grasscourt event in June. The year-old former first-round draft pick took over a starting job in the team's middle infield after Rafael Furcal re-injured his elbow in spring training, then batted.

In the same week: A Negro leader was shot in the back and mortally wounded at Jackson, Miss. Race riots broke out at Danville, Va. Boiling water is a difficult process in the turmoil of the cabin. Everything takes longer because of the motion: making and eating food, taking off and putting on layers of gear. I am continuously wedging myself in here, bracing myself there, traversing the acute angle of the deck by sliding on my bottom.

We are also now intimate because there is no place to pee in private. In fact Thomson has to throw my pee bag you line the bucket with a biodegradable bag over the side because the floor keeps lurching. The publicity guys at Metro did it all the time. And while the first baseman has had plenty of practice this season, Friday's hand slap was in a category of its own.

The deal capped atumultuous decade for the company that included the "pretexting" scandal, which led to the resignation of ChairwomanPatricia Dunn. He is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's nephew. Women were required to make an additional 10 years of pension contributions to be eligible for the entitlement. The qualification period for women was raised to 30 years from Pension age for male civil servants was raised to 62 from 60 and the pension qualification period to 35 from 25 years.

The rapid growth of onlineretail has also helped put the sector in the spotlight asretailers and distributors become increasingly reliant on smalland large warehouses. The parts were sold to medical companies to be used in dental implants, knee replacements and other procedures. We believe our ideas can make a real difference. I remember looking at the view count last Thursday, and it was at 48 views--mostly from me.

Then on Friday it started to blow up. By the weekend it was into the millions of views, and by Monday it was at nine million views and all over the media--crazy! Failure to get his licks in on a team that may not be apt to experimenting won't. Turner was starting just his third game since he returned from the DL on July 21, but even before Friday night, Terry Collins was looking for a way to get him into the lineup.

HDC came into use in Scotland in and allows prisoners, mainly on shorter sentences, to serve up to a quarter of their sentence for a maximum of six months and a minimum of two weeks on licence in the community, while wearing an electronic tag. The licence includes a range of standard conditions and a curfew that requires prisoners to remain at a particular place for a set period each day.

Other conditions can be included on a case by case basis. Anything more is robbery. Mortgages are another scam. Firms differ on how heavily litigators are involved in the rulemaking process. Tin is also widely usedin food packaging as a protective coating to line containers. I felt embarrassed when everyone tutted, so that was the time I realised not having money was really difficult.

Taylor has named her son Amir, according to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, who sent her a short letter after the birth. If something hurts, don't do it. The three researchers selected one nugget from each box, preserved, dissected and stained the nuggets, then looked at them under a microscope. He is the same cyclist," Grappe says. But if half can improve, it is strange that a third made no improvement and some even provided worse care for cancer patients.

But, I think he was just getting into his stride," Lowery said Sunday evening. The sale is expected to be completed in early She rises early, parks her Juke at the school and strides to the red-brick building for another day. Letters in the second-floor windows greet her. The shares fell as much as 32 percent, the mostsince its debut on the Paris exchange. For powdered milks, Hipp Organic growing up milk had the lowest level, followed by Aptamil hungry, Aptamil first milk and Hipp Organic follow-on milk.

Time and time again he planted trees to stabilise the soil, retain water from the occasional rains and provide shade for crops. Every time they died. They need to review their system. The two firms also agreed to consider setting up a joint ventureproducing auto steel sheets, POSCO said in a statement. A urine test. Another study in Britain in demonstrated that dogs could identify bladder cancer patients by smelling their urine. If the agency fails to produce the guidelines but declines to extend the deadline, some banks feared widespread confusion would ensue. Neither of those increased much this year," Vlasenko said.

Other children? The grand jury reviewed "a number of electronic communications" among Mr. Schultz, Mr. Curley and Mr. Spanier on the matter. The visit was canceled when the health of his friend deteriorated. Perez struck out the next two hitters, but Alejandro De Aza connected on his next pitch, driving it over the wall in right-center. Perez stalked around the mound with his head down before giving up a single to Alexei Ramirez. Federal Reserve's last policy meeting,which could provide insight into the central bank's thinking onwhen and how to reduce its massive monetary stimulus.

The bank, once China's top investment bank, hassteadily lost market share since the KKR deal, hit by toughcompetition and a steep slowdown in Chinese stock issuance. Lhota had said he would be discussing the potential for an endorsement with Bloomberg after the primary. The Bon Jovi guitarist is planning to enter a facility for help with exhaustion and regain his sobriety, sources told RadarOnline.

While college choices can't be completely determined by potential scholarships, families can think about how they'll fill savings gaps with scholarships. Vice President Joe Biden surveyed thedevastated region by helicopter and pledged that disaster reliefwould continue even if there were a government shutdown stemmingfrom a congressional budget clash over President Barack Obama'shealthcare program. Boehner said Republicans were committed to keeping up the healthcare fight, but would use "smart, targeted strikes" and aggressive oversight in the future. For decades, drug trafficking has caused thousands of deaths throughout Latin America in countries like Mexico or Colombia.

The so-called Autumn Statement includesfiscal forecasts produced by the independent Office of BudgetResponsibility. His mobile home survived the fire, but he is unsure if there is smoke damage. He lives alone with his dog and is on disability. For the last week, he's been staying at the American Red Cross shelter.

Ben S. South African police said before indicting Pistorius that their specialist team was "convinced that the accused has a charge to answer to after they worked tirelessly to ensure that the investigation was finalized. If the drug is used only to preventosteoporosis, "such use should be limited to women who are atsignificant risk of osteoporosis after carefully consideringalternatives that do not contain estrogen. But divisions are growing between government backers and the opposition, which has been emboldened by the Egyptian army's ousting of elected President Mohamed Mursi and subsequent crackdown on his supporters.

One senior official said the Obama administration is not opposed to new sanctions in principle, but wants to give Mr Rouhani a chance. It has found the going pretty tough, too. The company said on Wednesday it would pay 4. A bar holds court in the charming entryway, welcoming patrons with exposed wood beams and white brick walls. Manzanita branches hang from the ceiling and a wall of reclaimed wood, giving the space a rustic vibe. Western nations believe ithas caches of undeclared mustard gas, sarin and VX nerve agents. Reporting by Louis Charbonneau par :. Even getting you home for a visit is a rare and potentially awkward event.

So I can only imagine how close to the moon you will be transported by today's request. Iron ore prices were hovering near five-month highs. CEOs, be they caretakers or dynamic leaders, reclusive or celebrity, set the strategies and the internal tone for the companies they run.

The outsized compensation they receive is supposed to balance the responsibility they assume for success or failure. The fame and fortune that come along with celebrity CEO status also brings outsized attention to the record that executive has accumulated. Most visitors stay in large all-inclusive hotels. Over the past decade, many more upmarket hotels have opened, especially in the Punta Cana area, offering excellent facilities and gourmet dining. For independent travellers, the best resort is laid-back and cosmopolitan Cabarete, a top spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

The Happier app released in February, and the website recently went live, but is still in testing. And a lot of fun to make. We had a really good time shooting in Louisiana and New Mexico. We work well together and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again. The team could possibly waive Sanchez in the offseason before coming to an injury settlement.

He performed well in responding to the Hillsborough report. Despite a falling out with Ed Miliband he survived being axed, which has only gone on to strengthen the Burnham brand. He has a growing group of supporters among MPs and is on good terms with the unions. If does not go to plan, we could see Burnham stand again for the leadership.

No one was injured. Salem men and Cumberland women had the highest rates of obesity with more than 4 in 10 residents of those counties having a body mass index higher than In fact, prior to scoring his goal, Moore used his speed to jump across the blue line and keep the puck in the offensive zone, before reaping the rewards after shots on net by wingers Marek Hrivik and Danny Kristo.

The worst thing is the children are becoming programmed for obesity. It's a very serious epidemic," he told the Global Post. They cower in silence, but sometimes a person can be seen shaking in terror. Many colleges excel in specific areas, whether it is research, arts or sciences, so you should start thinking about what you want to major in and look into schools that specialize in your interests to find the right college fit.

Secretary of State John Kerry. The government is still trying to take control of prisons where thousands of detainees have languished for two years without trial. Investigations are slow, prosecutors scarce and willing defense lawyers even scarcer. He was released on bail and has beenbarred from leaving Hong Kong, it added. While the report showedthat hiring slowed in July, some investors were encouraged thereport meant the U. Federal Reserve was more likely to holdsteady with its monetary stimulus, which it said it would slowif economic growth met its targets this year.

On Monday Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. Nasdaq transmits those quotes to the 13 U. Yurchikhin wore a suit with red stripes during last Friday's spacewalk, but an apparent problem with that suit's primary coolant pump prompted mission managers to put that outfit on standby, pending additional troubleshooting, and to use a different suit today. On the revenue side, the data showed that 54 percenthave reported revenue above estimates, more than in the pastfour quarters but below the historical average.

It says the onset could be delayed if heat-trapping emissions are curbed. I think it should go to the building that most successfully obeys the rule Louis Sullivan - a founding father of modernist architecture - established in his essay The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered , in which he famously wrote: "Form ever follows function. He was defending the Colombian colours. The hardest hit ball was a fly to the center field warning track by Stephen Vogt in the sixth. I was the captain of the rowing team when I was in school," he said, laughing. Tim took on board the fact that only an organic mulch at least 4in 10cm deep would have a chance of suppressing the resulting weedlings.

Until this problem is under control, I told Alison, she should not set her sights on planting more of the cottage-y style flowers she hankers after. Tough stuff for both of them. This will give us a very robust U. Abbott also used his first day as prime minister-elect to restate his promise to scrap an unpopular tax on carbon emissions and to curb the rising tide of asylum seekers.

Marionnaud has around stores countrywide and Sephora around, but these tend to be larger than those of its rivals. Therefore, I resign as a life member of NRA, said resignation to be effective upon your receipt of this letter. Please remove my name from your membership list. Sincerely, George Bush. Rival Myer Holdings Ltd added 0. Cami Li certainly knows how to make a style splash as she flaunts her assets in a hot pink bikini. Both state and local governments added jobs last month, offsetting the decline in federal employment.

The North East saw the biggest month-on-month drop in rents, with a 0. In "The Act of Killing," the real-life mass murderers take pleasure dancing in choreographed musical numbers. They also act as cowboys who yodel while they happily work and ride down the prairies. Dumb dumb dumb. This makes me not want to buy the game. Lebron is an awesome player and I have no bias towards him, but putting him on this pedestal really aggravates me.

Plasma products are used to treat blood coagulation disorders, autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies. It only get worse. Every Surface RT ad Microsoft has ever done has shown the tablet with a Touch or Type cover, suggesting that right out of the box, you're good to go, workwise. You're not. Another 30 people were injured as homemade bombs went off in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country, the station said.

Her late husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, died from a heart attack in She previously reported in Chicago, Washington D. With a death toll of 53, it was one of the bloodiest days since the violent coup. That was a slightly slower pace thanforecast but a separate report from the U. Federal HousingFinance Agency showed U. I know from many people in my own constituency how frustrating it can be to wait for hospital treatment or to have tests carried out.

The Brotherhood, which says the military staged a coup, has refused to take part in the political transition. Perhaps it was for the best that he could barely be heard. No suggestion or critique is too small or overlooked. You can get in touch by emailing bizlivepage bbc. An all-party conference was held on Sept. America's auto manufacturing base, with new investments by foreign companies from Japan, Korea and Germany, shifted from Detroit to the South. Biotechnology firm CSL Ltd fell 0. The latest device is "designed to be a no-regrets, first-try entry," he said.

That's going to help act as the insulator, just like the tires. It is usually distilled from sorghum, although wheat, barley, millet or glutinous rice are also used. An earlier convention also would allow the Republicannominee to focus on the Democratic opponent. We have great faith in the prosecutor's office and the court. The next week he treats it like a stack of gold and only lets his teammates touch it.

And Sunday, when the Jets were down halfway through the third quarter, he once again failed to take care of the football. And having a complete autonomy in dictating the future of Verizon Wireless - and not being required to provide billions in costly dividends to other shareholders - was paramount for Verizon, Golvin said. It was a question of when, " he said. This deal "gives Verizon complete control over their own decision making in terms of other investments.

Instead, the authors of the article argue, the shareholders and the uninsured creditors would have to fill in the gap, all the while respecting the hierarchy of claims that existed before the occurrence of the failure. Critically, this process would take place over a weekend, thus leaving less room for a possible financial contagion. These range from the serious the ethics of in vitrio meat to the joyously trivial news of a government-sanctioned jetpack licence in New Zealand. Men entered the camp and started shooting, Ghaffar said. After changing to e cigs my lungs feel so much better and I can run and play basketball again.

But with them, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, an estimated 6. A security official said Panama had asked U. Certainly Skylanders never charts especially highly, despite being a cash cow for Activision, but Chart-Track notes that Disney Infinity sold 3. They had been brought up believing in "King and Country" and saw the King as their great protector. Today a good many people have been brought up on government assistance and see a big imposing government as the only way they can 'get theirs'. Hard work and the American spirit of self reliance and self determination has been replaced with an EBT card and Section 8 hovel for a good many people.

That is pretty much how we have President Obama, the great protector and 'savior' running the nation into the ground If you drive less than in the past, you might qualify for a lower rate. And more and more insurers are offering usage-based policies keyed to devices in your car that measure actual driving distances and patterns. They moved the meeting, originally due to be held in Chicago, toBoston as a show of support after the April 15 bombing of thecity's marathon. The exchanges try to bring in more business with the promise of faster trading, which makes them more reliant on new technology.

Bush directed theDOT to revamp rear visibility standards by February Butthe DOT pushed back the deadline several times and now plans toissue a final rule by January It is hard to believe that he committed such a heinous crime. They have a long history of defrauding people. I mean, for one thing: It was September , lots of things were not trading or were trading at very disjointed levels, you had a certain amount of leeway to just make up numbers and hope for the best.

The actress revealed on "The Talk" that her musician girlfriend Linda Perry proposed during a romantic picnic in the park, eventually dispalying four T-shirts with one word each, "Will. The couple have been an item since last fall. On Thursday, he unveiled some new proposals, including a plan to provide more assistance to students at colleges that not only offer a good education but also provide "good value.

The judge will determine any financial penalties for Tourre. Finally, the Outlook factors in deficits in the next three financial years and a return to surplus by FY Operating revenue rose by a subdued 2. This was offset by a 5. The slow revenue growth is due to the weakness of the national GST pool and softness in the property market and domestic consumption. Operating revenue growth is expected to improve across the forecast to FY17, averaging growth of 5. Fitch forecasts stronger growth in the state's operating revenue in FY16 and FY17 in line with growth expectations for the national economy.

That's seen as critical, given moves by China and others to develop ways to disrupt U. Thompson concludes that the evidence given to the NAO and the PAC on 10 July was "inadequate, and in some important instances, very misleading testimony". Current CEO Whitman took the top job in September after predecessor Leo Apotheker's brief stint, which wasmarked by slashed earnings forecasts and a plunge in thecompany's share price.

But many on either side of Egypt's divide suspect Washington of plotting against them. Nicks has 27 catches for yards and no touchdowns this season, putting him on pace for a nice, but hardly overwhelming, catch, 1,yard season. When things go wrong, I certainly understand it. For England, it is no bad thing to see him in this mood. If no one likes him, he hardly seems to care. Most everything besides balls and strikes will be reviewable, and home-run calls will continue to be reviewed without the need for a challenge, as has been the case the last two years.

Sales may slipfurther to 13 million sets in the fourth quarter, according toBarclays. He noted such cases take time to bring and new evidence that comes from Iksil's cooperation could help regulators mount such a claim. People in East New York are four times more likely to die from diabetes as those on the upper East Side. Subsalt output is 80 percenthigher than a year ago, a sign that this new output is only justkeeping pace with production losses in other more mature areas.

An autopsy has been scheduled for Friday to determine how they died. Jewellery is handed down asheirlooms and stored away with bars and coins as a hedge againstinflation or a source of quick funds in an emergency. And he does so without the Sox having to sacrifice the pieces they identified as the most important to their future -- year-old shortstop Xander Bogaerts, who looms as Iglesias' replacement at short, and year-old outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. It was fun to do it and create it, and it's certainly rewarding to see what it's become and the variations of it.

I wake up in the morning and see that I'm going to have to sit through a segment with Donald Trump and my reservoir of "willingness to go on living" just evaporates. He also said that as part of an agreement with the actuarial firm Milliman, which drew up some scenarios for the city's two pension funds, the company insisted that anyone viewing the information sign a nondisclosure agreement. A huge chunk of Democrats would join a relative handful of moderate and leadership-loyal Republicans, and the latest shutdown showdown would be over well before midnight. Samsung's Galaxy Mega has a 6.

BankruptcyJudge Steven Rhodes, who is overseeing the case. David Heiman,an attorney with Jones Day, the law firm representing Detroit,said while the city would "enthusiastically accept" the judge'sdeadline, it wants to move faster. Ramnarine is gratified that the court imposed asentence significantly below that recommended by the sentencingguidelines," his lawyer Douglas Jensen said in an email. About one-third of the portfolio is in stocks;one-quarter in gold and silver bullion and coins; 27 percent inbonds and the remainder in cash. It charges 0. Rand Paul, elected as part of the Tea Party wave.

One reason is the restricted media access in the region. He has fashioned a box for his iPhone from an container lined with foam, to protect it when driving in the bush. The sight of him descending from his Land Cruiser used to make pretty girls and American tourists swoon, but these days he notices, with some regret, that he is drawing less attention.

The pleasure ship had capsized after running aground in ragged rocks, killing 32 people. More than 4, passengers had been on board. Treasury futures slipped 5 ticks. But while exercise can certainly help prevent many diseases, some of the headlines have overstated the evidence. Trouble is a lot of these places need basics like good roads, sanitation and water supplies.

Infrastructure improvements and such. Internet is a bit of a luxury right now. France has apologised, blaming "conflicting information" while Spain said it had been told Mr Snowden had been on the plane. She earned a bachelor's degree from Harvard University, got a law degree from Columbia University, married exhibit designer Edwin Schlossberg and had three children. And then they get a few pops in them and they start making hemorrhoids jokes. Foreign Minister Elias Jaua accused them of working with Sumate on "the idea" of not recognizing the results of Dec.

A military review determined that the "adult sophisticate" magazines sold at the exchanges did not meet this threshold. But was it out of anger or stupidity? The tie-up of TT with Eurobank is the optimum combination. It adds to the value of Eurobank in the HFSF's portfolio in view of its reprivatisation," the Eurobank executive said. Next year's deficit is expected to hit 3. Many have gone on strike, sometimes gathering by the thousands. Some have signed new contracts with employers, negotiating small pay raises or pushing management to add extra bathrooms or rest days.

Richardson finished with 10 catches for yards. He had an yard TD catch on Colorado's first pass play and helped seal it with a yard grab late in the fourth.

His tweet of his photo of a United Airlines plane floating in the Hudson River after a crash-landing was cited by the company as an example of real-time news breaking on Twitter. I will quit. I will leave. They were a premiere franchise in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and had some good years in the late 80s with Patrick Ewing, and were one of the better teams to not win a championship in the 90s. It wouldn't elaborate but German news magazine Der Spiegel, which has published material from NSA leaker Edward Snowden, said its research triggered the response. The three funds his investment advisory firm managed were"funds-of-funds," a type of investment vehicle that investsmostly in shares of different mutual funds.

He then returned hours later to take pictures of her "on the hospital bed, crying and attached to an IV," the complaint says. But unlike general consumers, pension managers were considered investment professionals who were able to fend for themselves. In short, they did not require the protection that occurs when investment managers are required to follow fiduciary standards.

He said that it was essential for people to distribute their caloric intake across a diet that includes adequate amounts of lean protein, green vegetables and fresh fruit. The doctor added that it was essential for people to eat a balanced diet, and to avoid obesity by limiting the amount of fat and carbohydrates they consume. Economic Commission for Africa UNECA highlighted the risk that the continent's relationshipwith the world's second largest economy could strangle itsattempts to industrialize. While theinformation is backward looking, it can give clues to howinvestors are viewing certain companies and how their strategiesare unfolding.

But their supporters have been fighting back by staging sit-in protests and mass marches demanding the Morsi be restored to power. The statement issued Saturday contradicted earlier claims about the nature of her hospital tests; During one visit in August that had been described as gynecological, a brain scan was performed that didn't find anything wrong, her doctors revealed Saturday. A Bank. But that would entail the smaller company taking onmore debt to do so or more equity from Golden Gate and wouldmake the deal harder to carry off.

Is he about to start humming Abba tunes, too? Perhaps it is an age thing. Tim Alben, told reporters that at this year's festivities, "It will be evident that security has changed quite a bit" for Boston's annual Independence Day extravaganza. Celebrate the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets to the Barclay Center by owning a pic of your favorite Net. Or own a piece of Nets history with a photo of a Nets legend. Find a photo today. It is billed as a First Amendment rally and is seeking to have President Barack Obama removed from office.

If you try to read too much, you're either going to be slow or wrong. Canada GooseInc is seeking new investors to help it expand. It was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke who came to the rescue. Bernanke, a former Princeton professor, was a scholar of the Great Depression, a background that proved critical.

Right from his start in , he demonstrated a tough independence. When the crisis hit in , he went way beyond the standard response of a central banker, which would have been to lower interest rates and hope that cheaper credit would somehow work its way to more borrowing, more activity, more jobs. The motion of nearby stars and the behavior of the local gas reveal the presence of a compact, massive object.

Its mass is roughly four million times that of the Sun and its radius is smaller than the Solar System, which rules out nearly every alternative explanation. You are and were an amazing, beautiful, kickass female that inspires all of us to live life to the fullest!!!! The results are expected within five days and a run off will be held in September if no candidate wins over 50 percent of the vote.

Bega Executive ChairmanBarry Irvin told Reuters that the company, which isWarrnambool's largest shareholder with a stake of almost 18percent, would consider its position carefully. But sciencebasedmedicine. It makes it quite fun to offer his art along with so many other great artists of our time," Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien's Auctions, said in a statement. The congregation's rabbi, Alfredo Borodowski, is charged with impersonating a police officer by flashing a badge and ordering a fellow motorist to pull over.

The New York rabbi, arrested for flashing a badge and ordering a woman driver to pull over, says he was angered by her slow driving. So he wants the rest of us to succeed, which is great that we've got a teammate like that. The law, signed in , allows a majority of parents to essentially take over a failing school by outfitting it with new teachers and staff, transforming it into a charter school or closing the campus completely.

And they relate to the areas surrounding universities, not solely to university premises. Ping An saidthis was due to the central bank's lower interest rate policyand to more interbank business. The countryappears headed for a looming funding crunch unless it canquickly access money from overseas. The local currency has lost11 percent of its value since late last year. Winners were also allowed to attend, but only with a donation to the Worldwide Orphans organization.

The incident has raised questions about security at the Washington Navy Yard, about a mile south of the U. Capitol and 3 miles from the White House. I just thought 'God, if I don't start buckling down and start producing some movies, what's my daughter going to see in the movies? I noticed that the syringes were already fixed. I was holding Chelsea, she was facing me, and Jones gave her the first shot in her left thigh. Immediately Chelsea had trouble breathing.

With more observations, I fully expect we will be able to significantly reduce, or rule out entirely, any impact probability for the foreseeable future. The internal Labour inquiry found there was enough evidence to concern us about membership recruitment in Falkirk. We will act on this swiftly and thoroughly, as we have done throughout this matter.

But Bassett disappeared a week ago after evacuating the Silver Creek Inn in the nearby town of Mogollon in order to flee the flood. Murky brown water spilled through the bottom floor of the carriages, sending passengers fleeing to the upper decks par :. But U. Treasury bills maturing in late November and throughout December spiked as banks and major money market funds shy away from holding debt with any risk of delayed interest or principal payments. It isone more blow to the morale of our civilian work force, and thatmorale is already low," Hale said. People are worryingright now about whether their paychecks are going to be delayedrather than focusing on the mission.

The wound from the arrow itself had pretty much healed up around the arrow," Vaughn said. However, the fund was hit bysteep losses in recent years due to a failed wireless startup,LightSquared Inc. They gained ground on the New York Yankees, who lost at Boston. A representative for Asia Trade Management declined tocomment but said a spokeswoman from Investbank - a Russian bankin which Mastyugin has an That spokeswoman wasnot able to comment, however.

She also received more than handmade congratulatory cards from middle school students. Before her appointment as Fed vice chair in , Mrs Yellen took part in US monetary policymaking as president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank from , and as a governor on the Fed board from to If you often need to use your phone as a hotspot, this is the option for you.

That can get pricey pretty fast. The judge would decide whether to jail the driver as an official suspect, release him on bail, or release him without charges.