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  1. Weight-loss goals: Set yourself up for success - Mayo Clinic
  2. Listen to 10 Minute Mindset now.
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Guided meditation is simply practicing meditation with the help of a guide. The guide can be a meditation teacher, a video, or a sound recording. Most guided meditations adhere to this general format: Your meditation guide will ask you to sit in a comfortable seated posture. You will then listen to your guide while they lead you through a series of relaxing visualizations.

Weight-loss goals: Set yourself up for success - Mayo Clinic

As you gradually relax and become more and more still, stress fades away, your mental chatter quiets down, and you are able to enjoy the present moment. Almost all types of meditation have these four elements in common: 1 a quiet location, 2 a comfortable posture, 3 a focus of attention, and 4 a mindful attitude of allowing thoughts to come and go without judging them.

If your mind starts to wander, come back to your breath. Be mindful of your breathing by noticing your breath flowing naturally in and out of your body. As you inhale, feel your abdomen rising.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

As you exhale, feel your abdomen gently go down. Music can be a powerful catalyst and can help you enter into a meditative state more easily.

Listen to 10 Minute Mindset now.

Here are some of my favorite artists. The art of toning involves repeating a word or set of words over and over again. This technique helps to strengthen your intention and integrate the vibration of the words into your energy field. If you would like to develop more compassion and empathy, an example of a mantra that you could use would be: I Am Kind. Sometimes it is easier to access a calm state by listening to the soothing voice of a guide leading you through a meditative experience.

It could be a simple 5-minute centering exercise, or a more involved meditation where you are taken on a journey to explore an interesting place such as the forest or a tropical beach destination. Listening to this two-minute guided meditation that I voice recorded for your use will help you develop a more positive mindset. You can download and listen to this calming technique whenever you would like to feel inspired and uplift your vibe. This quick heart-centered breathing technique can be used to reduce nervousness before beginning a new task, dealing with stressful situations or if you just need a moment to pause and take a break from your daily activities.

When you are ready, find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breathing.

Shaun T's 5-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout

Let your breath flow naturally in and out. Allowing yourself to let go and completely relax. As you breathe in and out through your heart, think of someone or something in your life that you are grateful for. As you recall this person or place that makes you feel happy, allow this feeling of gratitude and appreciation to flow throughout your entire being and into every cell of your body.

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On your final inhale, think about this moment and know that you can access this place of calmness within you whenever you need it. I hope you enjoyed this meditation and have a wonderful day. Of course, your audio preferences may vary! Oops, I also forgot to go to Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions — what time does the pharmacy close? Will there be enough time today to exercise?

When should I write that column on morning routines? Do we have any food in the fridge for dinner? Oh right Most of my stress comes from worrying about the past or future.

These important attitude changes helped me lose 35+ pounds

If I have extra time, I might go for ten minutes. Mindfulness has been strongly linked to lower stress, lower blood sugars, less depression, lower blood pressure, weight loss, and more — see a great review article focused on the diabetes implications here. For me, this small practice alone has trained my brain to notice more of the mental chatter and distraction in day-to-day life. In those moments, I can more quickly spot unproductive questions and negative thought spirals.

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Every night before bed, I take a single Post-It note and a black Sharpie marker and write the following:. This may or may not be relevant to you. Critical step: I then arrange everything for the morning: I put the Post-It note, my headphones, and The Five-Minute Journal next to each other on the kitchen table. This step is vital — changing my environment — as it significantly increases the odds of success in the morning.

When I wake up, I make tea, sit down at the kitchen table, and color in the boxes as I complete the morning routine. Adult coloring is now mainstream, right? This has had a larger-than-expected positive effect on my psychology — checking things off in the first few minutes of the day builds momentum.

The 5-Minute Mindset For Spiritual Growth System

I limit it to things that make an impact on my day, but are easy to skip. The other keys are making the routine seem achievable — five-minute tasks, fit on one Post-It note — and arranging the environment for success. So far, this has been working really well for me! But when I do complete The Five Minute Journal and five minutes of breathing, it seems to reduce my stress levels, improve my ability to deal with unpredictable days, and boost my positivity. This morning routine imposes a tiny mini-world of control, a small victory in an often stress-inducing condition.

Experimentation is an act of humility, an acknowledgment that there is simply no way of knowing without trying something different. I encourage you to keep experimenting with your morning routine. Do you have one? Does it make your days go smoothly?