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  1. Wayland Henderson: "Unlocking Scrolls of Destiny - the Outpouring of His Bride Over the Nations"
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  3. Destiny Scroll
  4. Wayland Henderson: "Unlocking Scrolls of Destiny - the Outpouring of His Bride Over the Nations"

Those who have the destiny scrolls have the keys already. The keys will unlock the storerooms of heaven.


Wayland Henderson: "Unlocking Scrolls of Destiny - the Outpouring of His Bride Over the Nations"

The provision is not just for their personal lives but for the kingly anointing I have given them. This is the time for governing.

Destiny Scrolls and The Dark Night Of The Soul

Everything until this time has been exercise, designed to build character and stamina. Now it is time for the generals to come forth and take their rightful place. A group of men and women stepped forward. Their humility was apparent to all. Eagles appeared and sat on both of their shoulders. The mantles that the men and women wore started to shimmer in all the colors of light. As they moved towards the scrolls, the scrolls started to glow with the same colors. Each person walked directly to their scroll.

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As soon as they touched their scroll, it came alive. The scrolls enlarged to became as big as each person. Each person passionately embraced their scroll. The scrolls became part of them and enlarged them. Their spirits grew as they were endowed with the magnificence and responsibilities of the destiny scrolls. Suddenly the Lord was in their midst.

The generals lined up before Him, bowing in deep worship and humility.

I have prepared you for this hour. It was a map of the entire globe. It sat flat on the ground. Each general walked towards their assigned continent and assumed the authority given to them many, many years ago. As they walked I saw something very peculiar.

Destiny Scroll

Tear drops and drops of blood fell from each one of them. They still remembered the pain, the sacrifices, the horrific losses and the rejections they had faced over the last 30 years or more. I've heard the term "history maker" used quite often. Many of us desire to leave a legacy on earth, to make history here on earth. But in reality, we are history makers in heaven! Every action, every word we speak, every accomplishment and deed is written in heaven. Not only that, but our destiny is recorded on a scroll in heaven - before we ever accomplish what we were sent here for!

How precious are your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! God thinks about your life with care , with precision , and with hopefulness! When it really dawns on us how loving God is, and how much he has planned for us, that is when we really begin to believe those things about ourselves! When we understand God's love and plan, we break through into our purpose with full force, confident in the support God's spirit gives us!

For Such a Time as This I've heard people say, "I should have been born in this time period, or this decade. You were chemically engineered and designed for a purpose in this era that only you can execute!

Wayland Henderson: "Unlocking Scrolls of Destiny - the Outpouring of His Bride Over the Nations"

Every day of your life has purpose - God is setting up divine appointments, kairos moments, and timely opportunities for you in each season of your life! The question is: Are we in tune with His spirit, so that we can recognize and discern those times and appointments? Redeeming Time "But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness Maybe you even feel as if there are years that have been wasted, or dreams that have gone unfulfilled and are unable to be retrieved. What I love about God is that he loves to supernaturally restore years, dreams, health, and time! To God, a thousand years is as a day! I've seen God supernaturally heal years worth of pain, in mere moments!

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There is no essence of time in heaven, not the kind of time we have here on earth! He tried to annihilate you the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy - but he could not stop you! God's spirit gives life - he can restore the purpose that you feel that you missed! Today is the day of salvation - and today is the day of destiny for you! What do you see written on your destiny scroll? Have some of those things already been fulfilled?

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And what things still have yet to be accomplished?