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  1. A good ending for a zombie novel
  2. 100 Prompts for Writers Who Love Zombies
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  4. The Undead Don't Need Hall Passes: 7 YA Zombie Novels

A hockey stick? How about the urn with your dead grandmothers ashes in it, grabbed off the mantle piece and brought down on the head of an attacking zombie? Or what about mowing down a whole horde with a combine harvester? Bio: Colin M. A professional marine biologist, he first ventured into writing when the idea for a zombie book set around the sailing community of the northern Bahamas came to him while he was working there.

He now splits his time between writing zombie fiction, and studying whales and dolphins. Tags: Colin M. Drysdale , For Those in Peril at Sea , guest blogger. You are commenting using your WordPress.


A good ending for a zombie novel

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Rifles jam, smoke obscures visibility, people communicate by radio, operations are planned, choices in decision-making create ethical dilemmas, etc. This realism flavors the novel and makes it even more gritty, dark, disturbing. Although some readers believe I am former military, I have never served. Instead, I did meticulous research, reading dozens of actual military manuals and other publications to learn the basics of small unit tactics, hand signals, radio protocols, equipment, slang, weapons, formations, chain of command, etc.

100 Prompts for Writers Who Love Zombies

To create a zombie story, the author of course needs to create zombies and set up the rules governing their behavior. Do your zombies shamble, run, or both? Are they living or undead? Are they cannibals?

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Are they attracted by sight, sound, hearing or all of the above? You can make almost any type of zombie work, as long as it is part of a story that is well told. Whatever you do, be consistent. If the zombies are attracted by sound only, they must always be attracted by sound, and nothing else, and the survivors should learn and exploit this at some point. While consistency is important, however, once the reader understands the rules of your universe, things can get a bit predictable.

For this reason, the story might be better if another threat were added, raising the stakes for the survivors.

The threat can come from any number of directions. It can be a ticking time bomb imposed by an unmanaged nuclear reactor in the region melting down, or an airstrike that will arrive at a certain time. Many writers are tempted to add a human threat; the back cover of these books often says something about our fellow man being more dangerous than zombies. The threat might ultimately manifest as a traitor in the group of survivors, or rogue soldiers, or a biker gang.

Because people are less predictable than zombies, many writers use this to raise the stakes. This can be effective, but again, try to avoid contrived conflict. Whatever you decide, do not be afraid to innovate. In fact, I would say this is the mark of a great zombie story.

More By This Author

The basic zombie formula works, and works well, but should be spiced with some type of innovation or twist so that it does not become too predictable. Instead, it is hinted that the return of a satellite seeded the earth with some type of virus. If the outbreak is sudden, and happens overnight, the survivors will not know what caused it, and the reader should not know more than them.

If the outbreak is slow, and happens over a long time, many people will have access to information about the pandemic, and may or may not as a result have some type of explanation for it. You can hint at the big picture, tease, titillate, but you do not have to reveal everything. Be prepared to promote your work. While this last bit of advice is not related to craft, it is essential that every aspiring writer understand that they will have to learn to promote themselves and their work as part of the game of being published and selling books. Great article Craig!

I especially appreciate 6. That is the first thing I look for in any novel of any genre. Thanks a bunch. Ive had a thousand ideas in my head and this really helped me. I totally can identify with reading a lot. Ive learned a lot reading different authors learning different things. Rot n ruin. And patient zero.

The Undead Don't Need Hall Passes: 7 YA Zombie Novels

I want to write so bad. But didnt think it was possible with no college. I have gone over this twice now. Personally I found 5 and 9 the most helpful. I really think I needed to have that explained to me. These are some great tips! I really like the emphasis on realism that you put in zombie fiction writing. This is something that I strive for when I write.

Thanks for the help! Thanks for the advice. Currently working on my first book. Nearly 10k words in and the story is developing. Where can we go as prospective writers to see if we are on the right track?

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Thanks again. Ricky, the best thing to do is to establish relationships with like-minded writers or readers who can serve as beta readers. Or one person who can be constructive with criticism who can serve as your Ideal Reader. Good luck! I appreciate this list and the comparisons you provide in regards to which author does what well. I have read many of the authors you mentioned but not all of them yet. I use real distances between real places and how long it would take to drive normally or in traffic or what if the road was clogged and you had to go slow or go around.

I list real radio stations in town other details that we see in our every day life that we over look but would definitely notice if they were gone. We notice bumper stickers, billboards, what people are wearing in regards to if it clashes or is weather appropriate, we notice if someone looks like someone we know or a celebrity or just has a over bearing feature.

Those things should still happen but they might make survivors laugh out of the blue or become sad when they are reminded of a long lost friend. Realism is so important. Jason, I had read your comment very consciously and effectively with the imgation power that my teen mind allows to its limits.

I really want to appreciate your comment pal. I am also planning to write a Zombie Book particularly novel. So I am looking for bunch people to help me out so that we could write together to make our story more real creative innovating and unpredictable. I like your reply I want to work with you do u want help or coworker or will to help this newbie. Plz email me on my gmail account subegsingh gmail. These points really did help me. I am taking a writing class, and I am determined to write a novel.

My story is pretty well off and I just ended a scene. I am pretty stuck. Anyone have suggestions? I will tell you the beginning of the story and tell me if anything is bad about it, okay? I am looking for people to help me with a book. I need around people. I want it to be as creative and scary, so I need more people. Your email address will not be published.