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One of his welcome trademarks is his knack for asking the difficult questions, which, for whatever reason, are not being asked either of the customer or of HP NonStop. His keen sense of timing, his ability to think on his feet, add humor when appropriate or required, all have made Roy a welcome repeat host for not just our HP NonStop customer council, but other events as well! His personality and professionalism put the organizers at ease, and creates excitement in, and for, the audience, wondering what he will do or say next! I encourage you to experience him yourself in one of your next events.

You and your event will be better for it! Roy works well with an international audience demonstrating professionalism, enthusiasm and respect. He is particularly good at encouraging full involvement and engagement from all. Never condescending and always smart. Roy is a master facilitator at large international conferences. Roy brings events to life with his humour, energy and most importantly, his deep knowledge of the issues and challenges being faced by the assembled group.

His professionalism and very British sense of humour transformed our conventionally stiff events into entertaining, interactive shows — exactly what was needed to get things off the ground. Result: five kids with no developmental problems and excellent overall health. Two of them were quite small at birth despite being full term, but no advice I read anywhere did any good for my being sick as a dog which obviously deprived them of nutrition.

Oh, and when I got sick enough, yes I took prescription nausea meds occasionally because I figured starving was worse for the baby than the small amount of meds left over after my body metabolized them. When my daughter was born almost 3 years ago now, she was born with a underdeveloped lungs at almost full term. She spent a week in the NICU until her lungs finished developing. Her doctor at the time told my husband and I that he is seeing more and more cases like this. Because mothers are taking too good care of themselves and the babies.

Babies need a certain amount of stress while they are growing and developing to trigger certain hormones that they need. It will all be fine. Eating sushi will not harm my child. That having been said, the internet has been useful for me in learning about the really serious over-management of pregnancy found in modern obstetrics.

But there has been a lot of conflation of empowered patient with entitled patient. Sometimes I wonder if in search of the perfect pregnancy, we ignore the really serious issues that can arise with a perfectly normal birth in the U. I helped push a truck out of a snowy ditch when I was a little over 8 months pregnant, to the horror of my father.

I knew I was fine, and the baby was even more find. I dug up too much info with my first pregnancy and felt lost. My second, I mellowed a bit and just let it happen.

Moderates are the real tough guys

Both kids are healthy an fine. This is the current mania — that unless we do all and be all and give all, we are denying our children the chance to rise to the TOP of the pile! As individuals. When I was pregnant with my third child, at age 38, I was already put into the advanced aging mama category — without anyone looking into my history at all.

The fact that both my mom and grandmother delivered healthy babies well into their forties and had late menopause mattered not.

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All mothers were lumped together into the advanced maternal age grouping. I know I would have been hooked up to every tube and monitor on the planet otherwise! We have to do things based on the information we get and from there based on our gut. With all the dogma and overkill of information, we are teaching children to tune out their gut. And I know, in my own experience, my gut has saved me from many, many struggles. Women have been having babies for thousands of years without books, highly trained doctors or the internet.

Women of different cultures have eaten and done as women in those cultures for thousands of years. And, looking around, it seems that humanity has survived. Sure, a small minority of pregancies entail problems. Avoid soft cheese? Nuke lunch meat? That one sounds counter intuitive. The What to Expect books were new then and I remember being scared to death by them but not changing my lifestyle too much. I even worked in a veterinary clinic and changed many, many litter boxes. I just made sure I wore gloves and washed up well afterwards.

BTW, both my kids are healthier than normal and brilliant! Did everyone see the trailer for the new movie Babies that compares the first year of life in several different countries? It was posted in this blog a few weeks ago. More than 50 years ago, my then 40 year old mom got pregnant with twins.

But she did, and had my sister and me. No one had heard of proper nutrition, other than that meat and potatoes were good!

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Somehow we turned out ok. I tell women about my experiences, and how even with all of that my sister and I turned out ok and tell them to not worry so much!! My first doc told me absolutely NO caffeine—no black tea, no green tea, nothing. Supposedly, it puts you at high risk of miscarriage. Then there are those stupid books with their stupid expectations of exactly when and how much weight you should gain. Which, it should be noted, only adds up to about 20 pounds. Really, if I go for more than a few of hours without a decent meal, I vomit.

Fortunately, I found a sane midwife. Just to twist the tails of the Pregnacy Police love that term! Of course, you know what those people are like when they are in their mids to mids — they like to breed! The really weird part of this? Out of the flock I can think of three — off the top of my head, there were surely more — extremely gifted, mature, creative, healthy kids whose moms smoked cigarettes while they were pregnant!

Hard liquor and drugs were no-nos, but otherwise it was just life as usual, with morning sickness. I was craving ham and turkey sandwiches and wanted to make sure what doom would be held if I indulged in my craving. All I got was vague references to the nitrates with no solid evidence of any problems post pregnancy. My friend and I used to joke that we were going to start a rumor about green beans being bad for you during pregnancy We wanted to see how fast it would spread while giving no definitive proof or reasoning why the beans would be harmful.

We would sit at baby showers whispering in womans ears and then sit back and watch green beans stock plummet.

Laura D Phipps, age 44, address: Cheyenne, WY - PeopleBackgroundCheck

If only this blog had been around for my first two pregnancies. My first baby, my tiny precious little boy, was born 4 months premature and died at birth for absolutely no reason that the doctors could discern. After 5 months of obsessively following every rule I could find, I lost my baby and no one could tell me why.

Which of course led to the inevitable question: What had I missed? What had I done wrong? How had I failed? Of course, no one came right out and said it, but the whole pregnancy related industry seemed designed to keep that question looming in my mind as I tried to navigate the grief and pain of that loss. We want to know that if we only work hard enough, sacrifice enough, buy the right things, listen to the right warnings, we will eliminate all risks to our children.

Well, into every life a little or a lot of pain must come. Its far better to build our relationships and coping skills than waste our time and energy running from the inevitable. I just reread one of the things that cracked me up… rear-facing until 80 pounds?! That is hilarious! Do they have any idea how old an 80 pound kid is?

He did skip a grade, but still… our current state law here would have required that he still be in a booster. And brilliant. Just the mental image of a 9 year old in a rear-facing car seat is absolutely hilarious! That being said, I did get the booster that allows a 5-point buckling to 65 pounds for the grandkid.

So, 5 point harness it is until he can keep his sticky little paws off the mechanisms. Those are totally our friends, and even more so when we were having our kids in the very early 90s 90 and We were Deadheads in the Bay Area. Most of them had good ear protection, and no shoes. And very tangly hair. And were having SO.

All those kids are doing just fine. All are healthy, bright, funny, talented young adults. Neither of mine do. My best friend completed Basic Training and backpacked 5 days of the Colorado Trail before realizing she was 16ish weeks pregnant. Such a mindfuck! By no means did she drink too much, but she did like a fine Oregon microbrew or two with dinner. My feeling and from all the fear-mongering literature I read was even a little beer could affect a little tiny blob of cells growing and if we were trying to get pregnant, why even take the risk by having some with dinner.

The more I thought about it, the more I agreed.

They are healthy as far as we can tell. My wife eats sushi, does pilates, and has even eaten a sausage or two. Anyway, love the book, love the philosophy, especially since we are having two at the same time and who has the energy or time to helicopter over twins. So pregnant American ladies; eat all of the brie and bleu cheese you want here!


I also had 18hr flights at 32 weeks much to the horror of a few co-workers without any problems. The pregnancy bubble-wrap mentality gets old quickly. Worldwide, childbirth and complications arising from it is still one of the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age, and for a large portion of history in pretty much all the world, anywhere from one in ten to one in three children died before the age of five. But we should recognise that the propogation of the human species has always been on a trial and error basis, and give some props to the advancements in sanitation and medical knowledge — and the wealth — that allow most of us in the west to have a safe pregnancy without much effort.

Are you kidding? I started to make things up. Just wanted to mention that my step aerobics instructor taught our minute step class all through her pregnancy — right up until the week before she had her baby. My kids have all been really small for their ages, but it runs in the family. So not only do I ignore it, I have the ability to entirely mentally block on the whole subject. I keep my kids in car seats to about the point where a normal sized child of the same age would be. That always keeps me well within the laws, anyway. Or observe how people who suffer real malnutrition whether poverty-based or lifestyle based have notably less healthy babies.

But people are too fearful to use common sense, just as with everything else we so often discuss here. God, what happened to pickles and ice cream? When I was growing up, mothers were told to take long walks and lay off alcohol. Listen to your cravings, people. There really is — in this day in America — so much of this pressure. But the vast majority of pregnant women are tough and so are their babies.

Pregnancy is a natural — not necessarily a medical — process. I, too, was scared to death by all the books telling you what to do and what not to do… eventually, you just have to listen to yourself. Take your bath, eat your foods, you can have that glass of wine every once in a while or if you just want to forgo the alcohol in lieu of ice cream — that was always better to me. Law is about 2 years old.

Hah, haha ha ha. Like that would ever happen. Grandkid is still 3, so booster for sure for a while. Squirmy little bugger. My kids were in belts around 5. Daughter was tall, but skinny. As she remains. Oh, and yay for Ina May! She actually got really mad when I would offer to lift her tray for her. She lifted trays right up to her delivery, and her child is FINE.

She worked just as hard as everyone else and never ever even once used her pregnancy to get out of doing her share of the work. Of course, no one told me that stress or how far along you are in your pregnancy could affect your numbers, so I went ahead and took the test- at 31 weeks, one after finishing my masters degree and a mammoth research paper , one week before Christmas, and after a night of maaaybeeee 5 hours sleep. Needless to say my numbers turned out to be a little high though still not technically high enough to warrant the OGTT by most standards- I was I was then called and told that I needed to come in for the three hour test.

Once again- not told that stress could affect your numbers- I became immediately worried and got about 4 hours of restless sleep the night before the test. Now my calm and peaceful pregnancy has been turned into a mire of worrying about every spoonful of sugar or carbs that passes my lips!

Of course, the funniest thing about this whole situation is that I have been eating pretty healthy food all through my pregnancy with the BRIEF exception of a few more sweets at Christmas and would not have even KNOWN about any elevated blood sugar had my hospital stuck to the testing standards endorsed by most medical institutions i. And as of a decade or so ago, I would not even have been tested for glucose levels at all without falling into a high risk category! Minimize alcohol consumption a little bit once in a while is just fine, really Stay out of the hot tub and sauna.

Wear your seat belt as low on your hips as you can, under your belly when you start to show. Eat whatever you want. And start thinking about giving birth at home or in a birth center. I look at the cute little girl posts on the first page — yay — and then randomly delve into the archives. I love how everyone here is giving advice! MrsE: All of that seems sensible, except the last part. This leads to the interesting contradiction of upper middle class, educated women getting hyperparanoid about things which have no foundation in reality i. It seems like we are so uptight about pregnancy and parenthood in this country.

Taking even the basic enjoyment out of a walk because hell you could fall down! Thank god for this site. I have been seriously craving beer and looked up non-alcoholic beer which has a very low percentage of alcohol in it — like under. I thought I could have just one, looked up info about it online big mistake and found lots of people screaming that I was a selfish person and why why why would I ever put my baby at risk.

Put the books away, limit the internet and all the crazy advice you can run into and trust yourself and your instincts. You already know what to do and when you need some advice I am sure you have some trusted people to ask, hopefully that includes your doctor. Yeah, I was bad during my three pgs too. For one thing, I take antidepressants — oh no! A drug!! Thank God for my laidback, very experienced OB. He also recommended an occasional drink Stout — yuk! My 12 year old was constructed pretty much entirely of Milk Arrowroot biscuits a very bland cookie, for our US friends because the thought of anything else made me want to throw up.

My second pg now my 10 yo started his gestation with daily doses of Heparin, and a diet of cheese and cashews I had Hyperstim, a side effect of all the IVF drugs and finished off with daily Xanax a valium relation when I developed PTSD from the trauma of the illness! I was 42 when I accidentally and miraculously conceived him after 20 yrs of infertility. The scanning doctor thought I was a raving loony not to have an immediate abortion. I said, the risk is one in 9? Do what your body tells you, do your best to avoid really obvious toxins, and live a normal life — except, of course, when you can get out of something yucky like the kitty litter!

Lots of answers already! That said, I still try to be realistic. So eat the fish, but if you can, go for the stuff with lower levels of mercury. The exercise thing? Remember, your joints, muscles, and bones are under enough strain and are softening so they can expand as needed for birth. Ever really look at the exercises they recommend you do? Your breech situation is also an interesting one.

Midwifery regulation also varies by state. For example, some states require midwives to be certified. But we—at least, I—do mean that a little perspective can balance out the mania. I drank Pepsi at least once a day, I ate candy and chips like they were going out of style, I never exercised, I skipped several Dr. Even before that, I forgot it almost half the time. I know people who have gone off of asthma meds because they could be dangerous to the fetus.

I had a hospital birth with my first kid. Awful, horrible, terrible experience. Overridden at every turn. Forced to stay basically tied to the bed by monitors for 16 hours. I was low risk, had been in perfect health my whole pregnancy, had absolutely no reason to be denied the chance to walk the halls at least.

Had Demerol injected into my IV as I was refusing the medication. That is what the nurse said to me as she injected the Demerol into my line. Thanks for acknowledging my intelligence. Okay, absolutely I agree totally that the advances in medical knowledge and ability to intervene when needed have been the primary determinant of the fall of infant and maternal mortality.

And in fact, it is not. After immense amounts of research and talking with women of all sorts and experiences, I chose not to go that route again. Kids 2 and 3 were born at home.


With highly qualified midwives, who worked with a back-up OB who had followed me throughout my pregnancies, and who would have taken over primary care had I needed to be transported. One woman had been an OB RN for 10 years before moving to midwifery, her partner was a certified EMT with a firefighter husband in our town of , and the midwife for my last kid was a PA, with licensure for oxygen and pitocin.

I was in very good hands. My daughter went to a birthing center, staffed by amazing women, about 3 miles from the hospital, where they had great relationships with the medical staff. They rarely had to transport. Because, in a normal birth, which, by the way, most medical students have never seen, because we start out the process with interventions , there is very low chance of an emergency arising.

Of course, one wants responsible caregivers who will move them to a medical setting should it become necessary! And it does! My best college friend had two girls, both homebirths. Then in her last pregnancy, she developed pre-eclampsia, her midwives sent her to the hospital to be induced, and moved into the role of doulas. Anyway, we also, while having a low infant and maternal mortality rate, do have higher rates than many other developed countries, and in many if not most other developed countries midwives still deliver the majority of babies, even in hospital settings.

We also have a crazy high c-section rate. Here is a link to the WHO information. Fascinatingly enough, in , when we had a fairly low infant mortality rate, we had a c-section rate of 4. Normal, everyday interventions that are largely unnecessary are a listed contributor to this high percentage.

Which can be read as at least half of our c-sections are unnecessary. Which is why I chose to have 2 homebirths, and why there was no way in hell I was sending my kid to the local hospital to give birth. My daughter was She got great prenatal, took care of herself, ate well, etc. She gave birth, in about 7 hours of labor, to an 8lb 12oz boy. Healthy as a horse. We have really shameful statistics on maternal mortality as well. Nutshell: thank goodness we have the knowledge to intervene when necessary.

My doc assured me that everything was fine, the baby was developing normally, and lo and behold I had a perfectly healthy 8lb 3oz baby girl. All the people I talked to and websites I visited warned me that my baby would be undernourished and underweight. Obviously they were wrong and my doc was right.

Good luck! Hey Mama-to-be! I ate sushi, climbed ladders, painted — indoors, lifted objects over ten lbs. I have seen that there are some parents who drink, smoke and do drugs from day one to week 42 and still have babies who thrive. It applies to fruit juice. It applies to pop. It applies to iced tea. It even applies to bottled water.

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A NA beer is very unlikely to contain more alcohol than orange juice. At that concentration, it would be impossible to raise your blood alcohol level detectably even if you drank it by the gallon; your liver would destroy the alcohol before it had a chance to get into your general circulation. The latter definitely will get you smashed if you drink enough of it. Some years back, I was in line at a coffee shop with my baby when I noticed a very pregnant woman behind me.

She immediately softened and regaled me with tales about how her parents were giving her all kinds of advice that was totally against what the doctors were saying, and expressed how much she appreciated my words. Dont read ANY books. Just go about your life, eat healthy, everything in moderation. No need to worry, nothing you can do anyway. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy! What I found interesting was that after I had the baby, by emergency c-section, I read about a study saying that moms-tp-be that stay home and rest the last month of their pregnancy have a significantly lower rate of c-sections.

Eat your cheese, have a beer or some wine, have some caffeine. If you think the pregnancy boards are bad…. I would recommend to this soon to be mom to relax. It is difficult to raise a child ren. OB practices follow standards of care which are basically set by lawyers.


Most of the invasive care that is done is for CYA reasons, not because it is necessary. Maureen: Oh that breastfeeding business… no kidding. I had a tangle with one of them before… long story with a horrible experience, but yeah… those chicks are crazy. We are on a Mad Men marathon right now since my husband has the flu. This is a great show for realizing how crazy, over-the-top we are these days with safety, germs, etc. Pregnancy books!

I loved the way it explained the research showing that being in a childbirth environment that feels safe and comfortable to the mother is important for the health of both mother and baby. But if you read it and hate it, give it to Goodwill and find something else! Ditto for breastfeeding.

I loved breastfeeding and nursed both my kids till they were almost three. I think the worst thing I did my first pregnancy was read the What to Expect book. I remember the big ones for me were the caffeine and sleeping on your side. I almost solely drank iced tea back then so I thought I had to give it up. I cut back to 1 glass at breakfast we usually went out with my fil to his local hangout but we only went a couple times a week. It was then that I realized I had a dependence on caffeine to keep my migraines in check. But I kept up the no caffeine rule and just suffered with mind splitting pain day after day to the point of tears.

I slept only on my sides for 6 months. It was insane. But despite the rule following I did a lot of things the Pregnancy Police would frown against. I was 8 months pregnant. And I learned some lessons. I do and eat what I please. I eat lunch meat whenever I like did that with all my kids. When I was pregnant with my first, I got about half-way through one of those how to be pregnant books then stopped reading it when I realized it was driving me crazy. My body knew and had me crave something high in iron to compensate.

NEW E-book: Everything in Moderation – How to chair, moderate and otherwise lead events

Another thing for the original poster to remember is to trust her instincts after the baby is born also. My daughter was born in February. We greatly appreciate Dr. Dusek's dedication to our mission. We now focus our attention forward to expanding into Fort Bend County and embracing growth. We are confident in the direction we are moving and look forward to making a greater impact in the community. Louis Wu. He volunteers at the Clinic every Friday to help care for patients with limited access to healthcare.

The Good Samaritan of the year award, an annual employee award, based on nominations from the Clinic was presented to Duigne Galvez. She is committed to her work and has over 18 years of experience working in the medical field. We pride ourselves on upholding the legacy of our founders by continuing to provide quality healthcare services for individuals and families in the Greater Houston area who struggle the most with accessing care. At the Christmas party, party-goers had their photos taken with Santa, their faces painted, and were entertained by balloon artists and a whimsical visit from Olaf and Anna.

This year, Stephen J. Spann, M. Buck, M. A discussion with them was moderated by Telemundo Houston morning news anchor Antonio Hernandez. As the fourth largest city in the country and the second-most diverse, addressing cultural barriers is a top priority for health care providers in Houston.

Sanders has more than 25 years of experience in nonprofit management, resource development and finance, according to a press release. Before joining the clinic, she was COO for the Jackie Lyles Group, an innovation consulting practice, and served as the executive director at Mission of Yahweh and director of development at Houston Community College Foundation. In her new role, Sanders will lead the organization in providing medical, dental and other health care services to those with limited access, per the release.